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This week the blue brand brought us a very interesting billboard to be a simple program. From a fight of champions, fight for mixed teams and title opportunities. If they wanted to attract more audience, this way they will succeed. In addition to stellar appearances.

The Dirt Sheet a by Strowman Express

Miz and Morrison are very comfortable as a couple. but they must not see beyond reality. They have entered a loop, since everything that is happening to them is overwhelming them. So much so, that Morrison agreed to a fight without consulting his partner.

Miz was defeated in what was a humiliating fight for Morrison’s partner. Morrison then decided to challenge the champion again, but this time for the title at Backlash. Strowman did not think twice and as a great champion, he accepted the challenge.

More than words

Sonya and Dolph claimed another victory. They seem to be a great team. Mandy and Otis could not have a better understanding. It is true that the two are in another atmosphere. For its rivals, it has become somewhat more people. But what will be next for them.

AJ is back on WWE SmackDown

The leader of The OC, has had a difficult year. he returns from his defeat in Money in the Bank, against Undertaker, the loss of his group…. But the good thing about the company is that they give new opportunities to whomever they consider, and this is the case of Styles.

His victory against Shinsuke was necessary. Two fighters who had already met at the blue mark, in what became personal, brought them back together, but this time to look for a title that has no owner. For this reason, Aj reaffirms himself and will go against Elias for what he considers to belong to him.

Bayley’s cunning on WWE SmackDown

Charlotte has decided to tour all of the company’s programs. From the yellow mark to the red mark, he decided to come forward to face the champion of the blue mark, Bayley. The fight went unpunished for possible help from Sasha. That Bayley asked her to stay behind the scenes.

Champion Flair was very confident. But he has not faced the new Bayley. She wanted to separate the best friends, but in the end she could neither win nor separate. Charlotte must focus on her title, because there are women who desperately want to beat her. It is time to focus.

Jeff defeats Sheamus

Hardy’s return couldn’t be better. The braggart Sheamus, who had been defeating petty fighters week after week, faced an opponent of his level. He could never imagine his defeat. A package that left him with no options for the championship.

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