Those hospitalized in Catalonia increase despite the lower speed of contagion

The spread of the coronavirus has slowed down in Catalonia, with a contagion rate (Rt) that has dropped below one, although in hospitals the number of patients continues to increase with Covid, with a hundred more hospitalized than the day before.

According to epidemiological data updated this Tuesday by the Department of Health, the speed of disease spread (Rt) has been reduced twelve hundredths and it has been placed at 0.99, that is, that every 100 infected infects an average of 99 people, while the risk of regrowth (EPG), an index that measures the potential growth of the pandemic, is 233 points, 36 less than yesterday.

The number of covid patients hospitalized continues to increase as a result of increase in infections in the last 15 days and today there are 1,708 people, a hundred more than the day before, of which 445 are seriously ill in the ICU, 14 more than yesterday.

Epidemiological indicators, conditioned by four holidays in which fewer diagnostic tests are performed, indicate that the regrowth risk (EPG), an index that measures the potential growth of the epidemic, is 233 points, 36 less than the previous day, while the cumulative incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants after 14 days (IA14) has also decreased in eight cases to 234.

This is the fourth day that epidemiological indicators improve, although experts believe that these will rise again in the coming days as a result of the increase in social interactions that have occurred during Holy Week, so they still do not speak of a decline in the fourth wave, which they expect to be much more attenuated than the previous ones due to the effect of vaccination.

Since the start of the pandemic, at the end of February 2020, the total number of confirmed cases in Catalonia For all kinds of tests they add up to 605,964, of which 909 were diagnosed yesterday.

In the last seven days the number of cases confirmed by PCR o antigen test is 8,546, which represents an average of 1,220 infected daily, above the 1,000 that allow monitoring to control the epidemic.

The number of deaths from the pandemic since its inception is 21,400, of which 8 have been notified in the last 24 hours, while In the last 7 days, 125 people have died from the infection in Catalonia, an average of 17 a day.

Positivity, that is, the percentage of positives in PCR tests and antigen test, has risen to 7.35%, 31 hundredths more and well above the 5% that the WHO indicates as the threshold for controlling the epidemic.

The city of Barcelona has this Tuesday an EPG of 239, which is 52 points less than on Monday and presents a virus spread speed (Rt) of 1.03, a total of 16 hundredths less than the day before.


Catalonia has administered the coronavirus vaccine to a total of 1,039,623 people Since the vaccination campaign began – 443,579 people have already received the second dose -: 17,122 first doses of vaccine have been administered in the last 24 hours.

Of the total number of people vaccinated with the first dose, 764,873 are from the province of Barcelona, 96,467 of Girona, 69,453 of Lleida and 106,305 of Tarragona; and 59,902 of the total are users of Catalan residences.

In percentages, 13.1% of the Catalan population has been vaccinated in the first dose, of which 5.5% already have the complete vaccination schedule and, therefore, have immunity against the virus.