Thor was a problem for the WandaVision series

To do the special effects for the WandaVision series, the makers had to get away from everything we’ve seen in the Thor movies.

The first season of the series WandaVision is already released in Disney + and without a doubt one of the things that stand out the most are its great special effects that are at the height of the cinema films of Marvel studios. What’s more, Julian Hery the person in charge of the visual aspects, has revealed that they did not want to imitate the films of Thor.

“We copy the other Marvel Studios movies like when Wanda uses her magic. Since it has been established as an appearance, so we must combine it, so that everyone recognizes the effect. It should be the same. But when we build something new, what I’m trying to do is not look at what has already been done, because don’t limit yourself. You try something, and I’m afraid that sometimes if you refer to many other characters or other powers, you will lean towards one, and then it will be the same, somehow. “

Julian Hery faced this problem when Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) entered the “spell” as it initially looked “too much” like the rainbow bridge of Thor and that is why he and his team were “fighting” against this similarity:

“I was talking about Monica inside the Spell. We really worked a long time on this sequence. At some point, we were always like: Okay, it looks too much like Thor’s bridge, the Rainbow Bridge. It looks too much like that. We were fighting this. That’s where I told Tara that no matter where we were going, we will keep going Thor’s way. It will continue to look a bit like the Rainbow Bridge ”.

Marvel Studios always uses those references to other movies.

“So you need to establish something when necessary. So it shouldn’t look like this, like it does in the Thor movies. That’s why we walk away from it. So yeah, we look at Marvel references when necessary. But for this show, I was a lot more in the motion graphics community, they just have cool visuals, stuff like for the purpose of almost an art form, you know? I mean, that’s what it is. But I was more like what you would do with the ideas of a painting or a photograph. That’s more like what I was doing, rather than looking at what others have done in other programs, so we can build something new or try it. ” Julian Hery said.

The movies of Thor and the series of WandaVision can be seen in itto Disney + streaming platform by following this link.