Thomson changes course and goes to repair

Victim of a structural problem, the former leader Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) came down to third position far from Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut), still in charge, changed course this Sunday at noon. Back to the Brazilian coast, the Briton is going to have his boat repaired.

Change of course for Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss). Idling since Saturday evening due to a structural problem that has all the major damage, the former leader seems to have started a return to the Brazilian coast since this Sunday noon. In a statement released in the wake of this turnaround, team technical director Hugo Boss Ross Daniel confirmed that the Welshman was going to try to repair as quickly as possible.

“The inspection (carried out by Thomson himself) revealed structural damage to a longitudinal beam at the front of the boat. The damage appears to be isolated to this area alone. It is not yet clear what caused this damage. There have been no disturbing incidents aboard the boat during the race so far. Alex has now put the boat in a safe position to handle the sea conditions to reduce movement on board while he does the repair. He has all the necessary equipment on board, a detailed plan to follow and a team of highly qualified engineers who advise him. “

All with one and only goal: be able to do battle again as quickly as possible with the leading boats and not have to give up their hopes of victory. Which seems largely possible, according to Ross Daniel. “We are confident in his ability to complete the repair. Our goal is to make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, in order to minimize lost miles and get back to racing ”. Overtaken by Charlie Dalin (Apivia) as he had been, two days earlier, but on a regular basis this time, by Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut), who has remained in the lead since, Thomson, relegated to 73 miles from Rettant, had warned in the The race management suffered from a “structural problem” which arose when the Briton was about 800 miles east of Rio de Janeiro in the South Atlantic.

Check-in at 12:00 p.m. (French time) – Sunday 22 November 2020
1- Thomas Rouillard (FRA / LinkedOut *) 19,729.9 miles from the finish
Charlie Dalin (FRA / Apivia *) 10.91 miles behind the leader
3- Alex Thomson (GBR / Hugo Boss *) at 120.73
4- Jean Le Cam (FRA / Yes We Cam!) At 258.24
5- Kevin Escoffier (FRA / PRB *) at 285.44
6- Boris Herrmann (ALL / Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco *) at 329.86
7- Yannick Bestaven (FRA / Maître CoQ IV *) at 336.15
8- Louis Burton (FRA / Bureau Vallée 2 *) at 358.16
9- Sébastien Simon (FRA / Arkéa Paprec *) at 362.12
10- Sam Davies (GBR / Initiatives-Cœur *) at 395.13

Nicolas Troussel (FRA / Corum L’Epargne *): dismasting after 7 days of racing

* boat equipped with foils