Thomson and Rouillard neck and neck

Thomas Rouillard (LinkedOut) continued his crazy recovery on Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) overnight. The French skipper was only 4 miles from the Briton at the 5 o’clock check-in.

Will Thomas Rettant succeed in taking the lead in the Vendée Globe during the day? If he continues at this pace, it is very likely! The LinkedOut skipper was only 4 miles behind Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) at 5am, while he was 38 behind at the same time the day before.

The two skippers are still off the Brazilian coast (Thomson was closer to land than Rouillard), and the third thief, Charlie Dalin (Apivia), is not far either, since he is 44 miles from the Briton. It remains to be seen who will adopt the best tactics when taking the direction of the Cape of Good Hope… Behind the leading trio, there are four of them standing in 100 miles (Le Cam, Escoffier, Burton and Herrmann) and they are now 14 skippers to have crossed the equator. Far behind, the red lantern Jérémie Beyou (Charal) is located between Portugal and the Azores.

Simon: “Look for the ice zone much earlier than the Cape of Good Hope”

Currently tenth in the standings, Sébastien Simon (Arkéa Paprec) gave his news during a night session: “In the South Atlantic, these won’t be record conditions. We have this anticyclone to get around, that’s why we are heading towards Brazil. Then we have a front to negotiate, it will be an extreme southern route. We will surely be looking for the ice zone much sooner than the Cape of Good Hope. In any case, it will not be a very direct route. I live well being alone on the boat, I did not see the time pass, but I like to have information from the land, it calms me a little. I even allow myself the luxury of taking a shower every night before going to bed, it makes me a little more human! I take this opportunity because I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to do it in the Great South. “.

Check-in at 5:00 a.m. (French time) – Friday, November 20, 2020
1- Alex Thomson (GBR / Hugo Boss *) 20,799.8 miles from the finish
2- Thomas Rouillard (FRA / LinkedOut *) 3.94 miles behind the leader
3- Charlie Dalin (FRA / Apivia *) at 43.9
4- Jean Le Cam (FRA / Yes We Cam!) At 170.77
5- Kevin Escoffier (FRA / PRB *) at 218.38
6- Louis Burton (FRA / Bureau Vallée 2 *) at 221.37
7- Boris Herrmann (ALL / Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco *) at 272.5
8- Yannick Bestaven (FRA / Maître CoQ IV *) at 297.26
9- Sam Davies (GBR / Initiatives-Cœur *) at 301.92
10- Sébastien Simon (FRA / Arkéa Paprec *) at 337.17

Nicolas Troussel (FRA / Corum L’Epargne *): dismasting after 7 days of racing

* boat equipped with foils