This Xiaomi router for less than € 10 is a bargain, and it is also compatible with Alexa | Technology

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Although in Spain telephone operators must offer all customers the installation of their router, it is always possible to buy a model from another brand that is more complete.

When the telephone line and the connection at home are contracted with a Spanish operator, the company must provide the router and install it at home. However, these models are usually very basic and do not include features such as a virtual assistant.

In contrast, there is always the option to buy a different router on your own. It does not have to be a very expensive purchase, there are models like this one from Xiaomi that offer simple but very interesting functions for less than 10 euros.

The Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 4C It is sold right now in the PcComponentes online store for 9.95 euros. It’s about a 41% discount, but that includes shipping costs of 3.95 euros. Of course, if you make a purchase over 25 euros, shipping is free, or you can request to pick it up at the closest physical store, if you don’t mind traveling.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 4C in PcComponentes

This white router, a very common design in Xiaomi, has 4 external antennas to reach high speeds at a greater distance. It has a RAM memory of 64MB and manages to reach 300Mbps of transfer speed.

It’s compatible with Google Home and Alexa To be able to control it directly with the voice commands of both assistants, you can say with your voice to Alexa or Google to turn on or off the smart plug that is connected to a lamp, a small appliance, a radiator and a long list of possibilities. In addition, with the mobile application you can control the parameters and characteristics of the router.

If you have problems with the Internet connection at home, a WiFi mesh network can solve them by creating a continuous network without signal loss.

It is a simple model that does not include the WiFi AC standard, yet it can be a very good option for a second residence now that people can go telecommuting out of town. It can also be put to very good use as a repeater if we have a big house and the main router does not reach every corner.

For less than 10 euros you can improve the connectivity of your home and cover several devices at the same time while you work in a room and the rest of the family is in the living room watching streaming videos.

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