This Xiaomi air purifier costs € 99 on Amazon and will put an end to your allergies, at least at home | Technology

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With spring comes the dreaded allergies, from which you can be almost completely safe at home with air purifiers, among which some Xiaomi models stand out.

You may have already noticed: spring allergies are coming strong in 2021The rains of recent months have been compounded by a general rise in temperatures, all that is necessary for many people to begin to suffer.

That said, masks help when you’re out and about, but what about indoors? At home you can make use of an air purifier, and there are them at very good prices. One of the most prominent is on Amazon and is the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H, which costs 99 euros.

This air purifier is recommended for rooms up to 31 square meters. It is used to eliminate suspended particles, something useful for people with severe allergies.

It is a model of air purifier with HEPA filter, which not only eliminates particles such as dust or mites but can also neutralize certain types of viruses, something especially interesting at this time.

It has no screen, although it does It has a WiFi connection so you can control it remotely with the Xiaomi Mi Home application. In it you can turn the device on and off remotely, program it or even see the air quality at home in real time.

It is perfect for rooms up to 30 m2, so if you live in a not very big apartment, surely it is more than enough if you have some closed rooms, at least to reach a quite acceptable level of purification.

If you are thinking of buying a home air purifier, we tell you in this buying guide everything you should take into account before doing so.

It has several modes, each with a specific intensity, including a quieter night mode to use during sleep.

These purifiers are not only useful for spring allergies, but for the whole year. Both in winter and in summer we spend many hours with the windows closed, due to the cold or the heat, and these devices make the air quality much better.

In addition, beyond the particles that generate allergies, there is the pollution generated by combustion engines, which are also filtered.

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