This would pay Prince Harry for a new biographical book!

This would pay Prince Harry for a new biographical book! | AP

When the calm seemed to arrive for the Queen Isabel and other members of the family, Prince Harry reveals that he intends to write his memoirs, which apparently would pay him a certain amount, of which we will give you the details!

Prince Harry announced this week that he will write a book about his life, a great project in which Meghan Markle it would not be exempted, which opens more possibilities to further widen the gap with members of the “British Royal Family”.

It is inevitable to think of a series of possible frictions, taking into account how the youngest son of the deceased has handled the situation. Diana of Wales and his wife, when talking about his stage in royalty.

So it is not strange to think that this would create in Queen Elizabeth and other descendants a certain concern as to what the new work of Henry of SussexHow much money could Harry get?

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As far as is known, the second son of the Prince carlos has already received an advance from 20 million of dollars, by the Editorial group Penguin Random House for its memoirs, according to what the Page Six portal revealed.

An agreement in which they have established the launch of four books, the first of them, in which the grandson of the late Philip of Edinburgh will write his memoirs, the second, would be a leadership and philanthropy manual, written jointly by the partner.

And the last two books would contain the memoirs of the “Netflix actress”, one could be about wellness and mental health, and the last one, the memoirs of the “Californian”, according to rumors, which have yet to be confirmed.

Among the unknown details so far, is whether the 20 million figure will be the final one, or is it just a preview of the mysterious revelations of Prince William’s brother and his sister-in-law.

It is worth mentioning that the same publisher has shown interest in the new content that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reserved for readers.

Through Penguin Random House, the American actress launched a children’s book “The Bench” a few months ago, which occupied the first places of sale in the US, according to The New York Times.

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The one who was until January 2020, “senior member” of British royalty and sixth in the line of succession to the throne, Henry Charles Albert David (Enrique Carlos Alberto David) called “Prince Harry”, would be sincere through his new works

One of these volumes in which he will address his life on “his ups and downs, his mistakes and all the lessons he has learned along the way”, from the perspective of the man who has been trained in recent years, and as he was in some Now part of the British monarchy, as it has been for 36 years.

Another detail that circulates in the middle of this news is whether the “former British army soldier” will decide to keep the impressive figure or if instead he will donate it to different charitable initiatives, as has happened with the profits of past projects between him and his spouse. .

It should be remembered that the parents of Archie Harrison and Lilibeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, have debuted in another facet as producers, creating content for streaming platforms such as Spotify or Netflix.

In addition to this, the 36-year-old “Prince of the United Kingdom” also served as “general director of impact” at Startup BetterUp Inc., in which he offers services as an online coach to contribute to the mental health and well-being of children. users.

They assure that these functions help him to cover the security device of his family now that he does not have the escorts to which the royals are entitled.

“There will be more Sussex books!”

In the midst of all this news whirlwind, it turned out that Oprah Winfrey’s unconditional friends seem to have taken a liking to writing and agreed to 3 more books with the publisher, one of them will be written by Meghan Markle!

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The memoirs of the former royals would go on sale at the end of 2022, as has been announced, although on the other hand, one of them promises to be so controversial that an agreement has even been released in which its publication would be after the departure of Queen Elizabeth.

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