According to the creator, our character would use antibacterial gel guns and antibacterial towel pumps

By: Web Writing

Although the pandemic COVID-19 It has caused the world to be isolated in quarantine and the countries have stopped. There are still people who try to take this contingency with humor and face it in a better way.

Such is the case of a fitness athlete identified as Bahij Kaddoura, who through his Instagram account uploaded an ingenious video to show what a video game would be based on everything that is happening with him coronavirus.

In the material you can see how the characters would look, among which nurses who use antibacterial gel, articles to eliminate bacteria in the air, among others, stand out.

Subsequently, the video also places us in a first-person shot as our character prepares to combat the coronavirus present in a home, whom we will have to eliminate with antibacterial towels that will act as pumps and pistols that contain antibacterial gel.

The publication has been taken with humor by the creativity put in by the person who created it.