This would be the release date of What If …? on Disney +

With little information about it, the launch of What If… ?, the first animated series from Marvel Studios is approaching. The day is closer than previously thought.

The first animated series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is close to reaching Disney +. Is about What If…?, which in addition to marking a milestone for the aforementioned, will present a totally different format from what is used to.

The show will show several timelines that show what the stories of the MCU if something had been different. It is obvious that based on this argument the name has been given to the production. The title in Spanish translates What if…?

However, there is not much information yet, despite the fact that its premiere is closer than previously thought. There is already a trailer, preview images and cast, but still there is a lot of uncertainty around the project. This is because there is no precedent for this type of assembly.

From what is known, its plot will focus on Uatu, The Watcher, who is in charge of supervising the existing universes. In the comics, this character is main in closeness to Fantastic 4, so it is believed that he could return on the big screen for the latter’s film. Or that the aforementioned team can make its debut on the show, even if it’s as animations.

On the other hand, its release date has been one of the main enigmas, but a reliable source, EW, gave a statement closing the case. According to the medium, What If…? It will hit the streaming platform in August 2021.

The above will cause it to be launched between Black widow Y Shang-chi, which will keep Marvel studios full of productions from next month with the arrival of Loki and until the end of the year.

The exact day is not yet known, but the comment indicates that it could be between 13 and 20 of that month, because by this time it will be over The Bad Batch, which is the great animated installment of Disney +.

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