This would be the name that the baby of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could have

Prince Harry with Meghan Markle.

Photo: Andrew Milligan / Getty Images

A well-known British bookmaker called ‘Ladbrokes’ published the ranking of the names that according to its clients have the best chance of being chosen for the baby of Meghan markle Y prince harry and the result is quite surprising.

Although the couple has not revealed when their daughter will arrive in the world, much less her name, there is one that sounds much more powerful than the others, and according to the experts of the bookmaker it will be Philippa, in honor of Harry’s late grandfather, the prince philip.

Of course, there are also options like Diana, in tribute to Harry’s mother. Even this name has everything to be chosen, as the announcement of the second pregnancy of the Dukes of Sussex was dedicated to her.

The list is completed by other names such as Allegra, Alexandria, Grace, Emma, ​​Rose, Alice, Victoria and for obvious reasons that of Isabel, for the Queen. But we will have to wait for what the Sussexes decide, who surely will not release the baby’s name until its birth and perhaps the waiting time to officially meet her will be much longer, as happened with Archie.

Markle is in an advanced state of pregnancy and although the exact date is unknown, It is estimated that she will give birth in the middle of next month.

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