Many users are awaiting what will happen next September. And it is in this month that the bitten apple usually presents some of its star devices, including the iPhone. This year it is time to see what the new terminal of the company is like, which has been widely speculated in recent months. Today it’s time to see how iPhone 12 model designed according to the latest leaks.

This would be the iPhone 12

IPhones are always one of the most anticipated phones for users. Each time they cost more, but that does not mean that they are reference devices in different markets and that they are among the most loved by users. In fact, many already fantasize about the design of the device, which they have already dared to replicate to see what it would be like.

In the video that we leave you in this article you can see a model of iPhone 12 replicated according to iupdate. The truth is that it does not seem something of the most innovative on the outside in what refers to the signature. Everything indicates that it will inherit the rectilinear design that we saw with the iPhone 4 and the three-camera sensor on the back.

It also has the typical entry at the bottom that could be Lightning as usual (unless we are surprised by those from Cupertino with a USB C). As for the size, it could be little bigger than the current iPhone 11. Of course, specifications have not been discussed since it is an approximation to the external design of the terminal of the bitten apple.

Will this be the final design?

Many will ask themselves this question when viewing the device in the video, or at least in regards in the iPhone 12 design template. The truth is that it coincides with other approaches that we have seen in the past. However, in this model we have seen some buttons more appropriate to the most current: elongated and included within the housing. It has not been seen or there will be or not a notch on the front, although everyone points out that it is a brand of the firm.

The only sure thing is that we have three months of waiting to know the final design of the iPhone 12, the real one, the one that the Cupertino have at home and that they have already sent to their production chain.