The coronavirus (COVID-19) has slowed production lines across the planet. For this reason, the iPhone 12 arrive in mid-September or end of that month. Before the wait, rumors are already running about the technological advancement of this mobile and, therefore, we present you with some information that we have about it.

The most recent reports state that Apple would not include 120hz refresh rate displays. This is stated by analyst Ross Young, who has been able to contrast this information with his insiders.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 is expected to have ‘High-End’ cameras. Asian analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states in his report that these would be the best cameras on the market, ahead of Google’s mobiles.

The middle MacRumors He had access to the analyst’s reports stating that Apple will receive high-end cameras for the lenses of the next iPhone. These components would be provided by Largan Precision, an Asian firm dedicated to mobile components.

This report also claims that the iPHone 12 assembly line is delayed 4-6 weeks, so it is expected to arrive in the last third of the year.

What are Apple’s conditions to change your iPhone for a new one for free?

The iPhone They are one of the most popular cell phones in the world and therefore the one with the most terms and conditions. One of the ‘difficulties’ that many users had was when their device suffered a mishap, is there the possibility of getting a iPhone free from Apple? You are right.

If your mobile device from the apple company meets certain requirements, you may get a iPhone new, but without tricks or in some way unlawful or illegal.

The main thing is that your device has to have problems, but it should not be any problem, but rather one that is verified by the company itself and within its diagnostic execution methods and tools.

The problems of software They are less common, since they are usually solved almost always by restoring the operating system or with a new iOS update. But the most frequent are when problems like screen wave battery. In these situations in which the solution is often not the same day, a new device is usually delivered as a replacement and it is temporary in most cases.

For this, you must take into account the iPhone warranty, since there are some free repairs that are included in this and others that go hand in hand with AppleCare +, the company’s extended warranty service. If this condition does not exist, you will have to pay the cost that the replacement requires.

In another sense, although in few opportunities, it appears that the devices have a factory defect, so a free repair program is opened so that those who wish to correct it can attend technical support. Sometimes this problem is not easily repaired and the solution is to offer a new iPhone at no additional cost.

In case of loss or theft? It is not so simple there. In case you suffer a lost or stolen and you have some type of insurance contracted, you can get to get a free iPhone.

There are several ways to get a replacement device, but the first thing you have to do is go to official Apple technical support, either through its website, its support app, calling by phone or going in person to an Apple Store. The moment you have an appointment at the Genius Bar, they will attend to your problem and that is when they can offer you this solution.

For those who have doubts about the equipment they provide, whether it is new or not, these are iPhone reconditioned by the company itself; that is, they come from other defective iPhones that have been repaired and key parts such as the battery, screen and chassis have been replaced by completely new and original ones, but in turn, they go through strict tests to verify their correct operation.

On other occasions -although minimal-, Apple technical support can give you new devices if, for example, the device is a new model on the market and you have no choice but to give it to you because it is out of stock; as it also happens that you can leave the store with a higher model than the one you left. But these options are very limited.