this will happen to your account if you are a minor

The Asian platform allows the entry of users from 13 years old, but with certain restrictions in some functions.

TikTok is the favorite social platform of the youngest on the Internet. However, few know the limitations that an account has if it is opened by a minor.

From TikTok it is allowed to open an account from the age of 13, but there are some limitations for those users who are not of legal age.

In general, these limitations are influenced by decisions that seek to protect the minor user from possible unwanted situations on the Internet.

TikTok Policies

The usage policies for minors were recently changed to further protect younger users.

In the case of minors under 16, your account has the following limitations:

Profile automatically becomes private
Posted videos cannot be downloaded
They can approve « friends » for comments and choose whether to make the videos public. These accounts will also not be suggested to other users in the application.
They can’t do duets
They can’t do live broadcasts
Their parents can make use of the “Family Synchronization” Mode, where they can manage their underage children’s experience on TikTok.

In the case of users between 16 to 18 the limits are:

They cannot purchase, send and receive virtual gifts for users under 18 years of age.

The policies of use of the Asian platform are constantly updated, so I do not know that there are more restrictions for the youngest within TikTok.