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If after knowing the prices of PlayStation 5 you already decided to buy the Sony console, there is more important information that you should know. The company revealed the cost of its upcoming games and also the price of the first accessories for the console.

In case you don’t remember, a line of peripherals for the system was also shown during the PlayStation 5 reveal event. Well, we already know the official prices of the products, including the DualSense.

Before continuing, it is important to note that accessories will accompany the launch of PlayStation 5. Thus, all are expected to be available in mid-November.

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DualSense and PS5 accessories are already priced

Through the PlayStation blog, Sony reminded gamers that they can take advantage of their PlayStation 5 with various accessories. These include PULSE 3D wireless headphones and a remote control for multimedia content.

In addition, the company prepares an HD camera, additional DualSense and a charging station for the controls of the console. Sony did not confirm limited distribution for the add-ons, so they are expected to be available in all regions.

Without a doubt, the most striking thing is the price of the DualSense, since surely the players will acquire additional control with the console. The PlayStation 5 controller will sell for $ 69.99 USD.

The rest of the accessories are not essential; however, they will be useful for some, such as the HD camera, which will allow you to stream. Below is the list of products with their respective prices.

DualSense Control ($ 69.99 USD)
PULSE 3D Hearing Aids ($ 99.99 USD)
HD Camera ($ 59.99 USD)
Control for multimedia content ($ 29.99 USD)
Charging station for 2 DualSense ($ 29.99 USD)

First images of the PlayStation 5

As of this writing, the price of accessories in our region has not been confirmed. Details will likely be revealed in the next few hours. We will keep you informed on the matter.

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