After three months of confinement in some states of the Mexican Republic, many restaurants begin to operate normally and have prepared for Father’s Day. In San Luis Potosí, restaurants prepare sanitary protocols to provide confidence and security to their diners in this celebration. Most establishments will work during normal hours.

According to Juan Carlos Banda Calderón, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), estimates a 100 percent rise in sales on Father’s Day compared to previous months.

Taking into account traffic lights and to follow up on the sanitation protocol, they must “keep a healthy distance between tables, that people are separated, another recommendation is to continually ask diners to use antibacterial gel and handwash; We can only be at 50 percent of the restaurant’s capacity due to the traffic light we are at. ”

These are some of the guidelines of the Mesa Segura protocol that restaurants must follow to open in the “new normal” according to CANIRAC:

Before opening the restaurant, exhaustive sanitation work must be carried out on the establishment.
Guarantee the supply of supplies for washing and disinfecting the establishment.
It must be ensured that the establishment has natural or mechanical ventilation.
Continuously and specifically cleaning lamps, tables, chairs, rails, handles, doors, bottom of the walls, horizontal surfaces, edges and any other element within easy reach for customers, employees and suppliers.
Pay special attention to the Sanitary area. Avoid using cloth towels and have paper towel dispensers.

The states that already have reopening in Restaurants are Monterrey, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes and Colima.