This will be the punishment of the DGT if you cheat on the driving test | Motor

You better not try to cheat on your driving license test, the penalty is going to be significant.

The reform of the Traffic and Road Safety Law in which Pere Navarro (General Director of Traffic) and his team work does not only affect drivers. There is a measure aimed at applicants that imposes a punishment 500 euros and a six-month wait for those who cheat on the exam.

The DGT is determined to meet the European challenge of reducing road casualties by up to 50% in the coming years. He knows that the key to achieving this is working on multiple fronts at the same time: speed, alcohol, distractions, and more and better-trained drivers. This is demonstrated by the reforms announced at the end of 2020 and that will become a reality throughout 2021 (some already are), such as the tightening of penalties for using a mobile phone at the wheel, the reduction of speed limits in the city or the new overtaking rules.

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Changes in driving tests

Traffic also focuses on driving schools. The General Directorate of Traffic has been announcing changes in the system for obtaining a driving license for some time.

Pere Navarro has had to give up his effort to impose a minimum of face-to-face classes but he continues to work to impose other novelties. He wants, for example, that the training received by the driving school students are closer to reality. For this, the theoretical test will include videos with accidents and real situations on which the students will have to choose the appropriate answer.

The extension of waiting times between calls is also awaiting approval. With the reform, the payment of exam fees It will give the right to two calls between which no more than six months should pass. From here, for the theoretical part:

Between the second and third call, a minimum of 12 calendar days will mediate between successive calls. The minimum period will be 18 days. The periods may be shortened in case of “recognized urgency duly justified”

And for the practical part:

Between the first and second call, a minimum of 15 calendar days will have to pass between the second and third, at least 30 calendar days between the third and fourth (and subsequent calls), a minimum of 20 calendar days will have to pass Furthermore, between the call and the call, it will be mandatory to prove that the applicant has received a minimum of five classes

Fine for those who cheat

One of the most controversial measures is the one that establishes a penalty of 500 euros and a six-month hiatus for those caught cheating during the test.

The reform proposed by the DGT, it says, verbatim that “using unauthorized communication devices in driving tests will be considered fraud, so it would be committing a very serious offense.” The punishment will be a “fine of 500 euros and not being able to take the exam again until six months have passed.”

Modifying the Traffic Law is a complex procedure that requires the approval of Congress. There is no date for the DGT to present its battery of modifications to the deputies, although everything indicates that it will be in July.

This article was published in Autobild by Noelia LĂłpez.