This will be the protocol for the Oscars 2021

This will be the protocol for the 2021 Oscar Awards (AP)

This will be the protocol for the 2021 Oscar Awards | AP

The Academy has released security for the first installment of face-to-face awards In times of contingency that has generated controversy between producers and celebrities, we will let you know all the details.

Unlike most awards ceremonies this past year, the Oscars will not be held virtually, nor will they be held in a hybrid way, since for the first time since the health contingency began, the first full-face gala will be held.

The Academy of american cinema will take extreme security measures so that all participants can attend the gala, which this year will be held next Sunday, April 25 and in two different venues: in the historic Union Station, in downtown Los Angeles, as well as at the traditional venue, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

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According to several specialized media such as Variety or The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy wants to recover the essence of the galas prior to the health crisis, which is why it is dealing with restrictions due to the virus even if it means a whole expense.

As has been announced, attendees will have to keep a quarantine period that will depend on their place of origin.

Those nominees for the statuette who live in Los Angeles, or elsewhere in the United States, must remain isolated five days before the ceremony; While for international nominees it will be double and they will have to remain in quarantine for up to 10 days.

In addition, all those who arrive from abroad will also be required two tests for the virus prior to the ceremony, the cost of which will initially be borne by the organization itself.

A decision that, despite not being new, since this possibility was already being considered in December, has not finished convincing either producers or many of the attending stars.

Variety and Deadline Hollywood claim that publicists and executives from various studios have complained to the Academy about logistics and financial issues raised by the decision to ban nominees from participating in the ceremony remotely.

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Some of the nominees from foreign countries have shown a certain rejection, arguing that it is too difficult for them to travel and self-quarantine.

Some measures that can also pose a problem for actors and filmmakers who aspire to the statuette, but who are currently filming other projects in foreign countries and that to comply with the strategy of the Academy should take several weeks of vacation to have time to travel and quarantine.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, nominees can be accompanied by a guest, as well as presenters, however, the list of people who will be allowed to go to the Union Station stage, where the awards will be presented, remains at the same time. minimum.

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Making it possible for the ceremony not to be held virtually is also a headache for nominees who live outside the United States and are still under pandemic restrictions.

This is the case of the British Emerald Fennell and Carey Mulligan, nominated for best director and best actress, respectively, for A promising young woman, since England is expected to soon ban international travel until mid-May.

In addition, representatives of the five international feature films, presented by Denmark, Hong Kong, Romania, Tunisia and Bosnia, could also face obstacles in reaching Los Angeles.

Of course, the winners who decide not to attend will be able to access the virtual press interview room after the ceremony.

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It is worth mentioning that the measures that the Academy will take are not final yet, but everything indicates that the most reputable awards in the film industry this year will become the first to be delivered in person.

An approach that has come after the Golden Globes and other previous ceremonies have been ridiculed or criticized by the public for focusing his great television production on a simple but gigantic Zoom.

As you may recall, in recent months, the awards ceremonies have been held virtually, with only the presence of the presenters and award-giving while the nominees followed the broadcast of the gala from their homes and connected by Zoom, or in a hybrid way, with one part of the stalls occupied and the other part in their homes.

However, these new methods adapted to the world situation have caused interest and audience to plummet.

The last and devastating example that has triggered all the alarms among the generalist networks was the Grammy gala, held last Sunday, March 14, which fell 53% compared to the previous year to make its nine million viewers a new minimum historical.

A trend of negative records that can be extended to events such as the Goya or the Golden Globes, which this year have registered the least interest in their history.