This will be the new format of the European Super League


On at 00:45 CEST

One of the great doubts about the creation of the new Super League it was the format of the competition. In the statement issued at dawn from Sunday to Monday, the 12 founding clubs have set out the bases of the competition that would replace the UEFA Champions League as the maximum continental competition.

These are the points shared in the statement:

-They will participate 20 clubs, the 15 Founding Clubs and an additional five teams to be ranked annually based on the previous season’s performance;

-Everyone matches will be played on weekdays, all clubs will continue to compete in their respective national leagues, thus preserving the traditional calendar that is at the center of club life;

-The season will begin in August with the participation of the clubs in two groups of ten, who will play back and forth matches; the Top three from each group will automatically qualify for the quarterfinals. Teams finishing fourth and fifth will play an additional two-legged playoff.

-Later Two-legged playoffs will be played from the quarterfinals to reach the final, which will be played as a single party, at the end of May, in a neutral venue.

In the statement, the founding clubs have ensured that, as soon as possible, after the start of the men’s competition, the corresponding women’s league will be launched, which will contribute to the advancement and development of women’s football.