This will be the main objective goal for content marketing during 2021

It is no secret to anyone that content generation will be the norm for this year. 2021 is looking like an especially interesting one for the digital field, where content marketing will be by far one of the big stars.

And although many things have changed, the truth is that content remains the best way to connect with audiences, a premise that becomes more relevant in the midst of a context that draws audiences confined in search of materials of interest.

Between 2014 and 2019, budgets for content marketing are expected to grow by $ 145 billion to $ 30 billion, according to MagnaGlobal forecasts.

During this year the figure could grow exponentially. Some reports indicate that some of the paid advertising on social networks could be transferred to these types of efforts.

For example, given the reductions in the advertising budget and the brake on many advertising campaigns, a report by Socialbakers points out that paid posts on Facebook have been left out to give way to a greater trust in organic content.

This responds to the projections on the habits of the audiences themselves, where the consultancy estimates that social network users will register less interaction with brand posts as the weeks progress.

The truth is that although the generation of content is nothing new, the challenges in the midst of the pandemic will be greater, which means that brands should be much more strategic in the efforts developed in this area.

These premises take on more relevance if we consider that, according to SiriusDecisions findings, 6 out of 10 marketing campaigns of contents go unnoticed by consumers.

In this order of ideas, content marketing will cease to be just another marketing technique to become a much more established arm that contributes to the generation of business from a more tangible perspective.

In this way, it is not surprising that the great obsession around content marketing efforts and its objectives during 2021 is the generation of leads.

At least, this is indicated by the study The State of Content Marketing, prepared by SEMRush, which, by studying the market globally, defined what the main objectives of target marketing will be during 2021.

In this way, the priorities for content marketing during this coming year will be the following:

Generate more quality leads (79 percent)
Drive more traffic to the corporate website (75 percent)
Improve brand reputation (57 percent)
Improve brand engagement and loyalty (47 percent)
Promote the positioning of new products (26 percent)
Increase the number of payments (17 percent)
Everything changes

Increasing the focus on the business, not only change the objectives set, but also the basis on which this content will be created.

And is that while the data and metrics are expected to gain weight, the importance of aesthetic or format issues will be reduced.

Thus, it is expected that 88 percent of marketing leaders will give more importance to web analytics tools while 82 percent will do the same with resources focused on SEO.

This approach is not surprising when you consider how unusual and challenging 2020 turned out to be. Marketing teams seek to ensure that each effort has evident and tangible sales impacts with greater impact.

Consumption has fallen in all categories and at all levels; recovery is slow, so each peso invested must be clear in the results it delivers. Today more than ever, privileging this trend will be the norm.