The National Association of Basketball Players of the United States informed its members that they have until June 24 to inform their respective teams if they plan to participate in the resumption of the NBA championship, in the « bubble » of Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando (Florida).


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In the corresponding memorandum it indicates that the league and the union have agreed that any player who chooses not to be part of the season restart will have their financial compensation reduced by a percentage of 1 / 92.6 for each uncontested match up to a limit of 14 matches.

That percentage comes from the formula used if the league invoked force majeure on the players. However, there will be no further salary reductions if a player chooses not to play.

While players who choose not to go to Orlando will receive a fixed payment, the text explains how Exceptions will be made for both « protected » and « excused » players.

« Protected » players are those who are believed to be at increased risk of serious disease from the coronavirus. Players who receive that designation from their teams may be excused and not lose any salary.

The « excused » are those who are determined by a panel of three doctors to be at increased risk for severe coronavirus disease.

Any player who wants to be included As a toilet, you must notify your team and the union by June 25.

A strict regulation

Once players arrive in Orlando, whoever leaves the NBA campus without prior approval must go through a series of re-entry processes, including:

Improved tests (including deep nasal sample extraction tests); a 10-14 day quarantine period; a reduction in compensation for any match in which you are unable to play as a result of your absence from campus and / or quarantine.

This will conform to the same guidelines (1 / 92.6) for each game not played and will not exceed 14) as players who choose not to go to Orlando.

According to the memorandum, the teams will be staying at three properties at Disney World: Grand Destination Tower in Coronado Springs, Grand Floridian and Yacht Club.

Entertainment for players

Other highlights of the document are that players will have access to an exclusive lounge with televisions, games, NBA2K video game and ping pong, among other advantages, such as a 24-hour VIP concierge.

The memo adds that entertainment could include movie screenings and DJ sets.

As for food, each team will be assigned a Disney culinary group « to create individualized team menus, support the team’s dietary needs, and ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed. »

According to the document, players They will receive « three freshly prepared meals a day and four when there is competition. »

Team sponsored outings will also be available pTo go to privatized restaurants, or to boating, bowling, fishing and golf.

Players will have access to virtual chaplain services, yoga and meditation, virtual mental health sessions, and mental health services.

Other amenities will be the availability of hairdressers, manicurists, pedicurists, and hair braiders by appointment.

Six stages of participation

The memo also details the six participation phases that players will go through until October 13, the last possible day that the NBA Finals could be played.

Phase 1, which runs from Tuesday to next Monday, includes deadlines for players to they report to their home cities: As it was on Monday, June 15 for players who returned from abroad, to be followed by those who return from other parts of the United States.

The only team to which these deadlines will not apply is the Toronto Raptors, current league champions, who will meet at the Florida Gulf Coast University in Naples, Florida.

Anyone leaving Toronto would have been subject to a 14-day quarantine period before the team’s activities could begin.

In phase 2, which will start next Tuesday, players will be evaluated every other day, as well as the two days prior to when the team is scheduled to leave for Orlando.

Players will be evaluated for the first time with a coronavirus test performed using a superficial nasal swab and an oral swab, and an antibody test for which blood will be drawn.

The coronavirus test will be repeated every other day, while the antibody test will only be repeated if a player tests positive.

During phase 3, from July 1 to 11, the players mandatory individual trainings will begin at the team’s premises.

Group training will continue to be prohibited, although the number of players allowed on the premises at one time will increase to eight. This will also be when coaches will be able to participate and observe individual work.