This will be the 2021 of HBO Spain, with the returns of ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Sex in New York’ on the horizon

2021 will be a key year for HBO in Spain. After a 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which altered the platform’s plans with respect to numerous launches, the year that now occupies us still seems uncertain, but the American company has wanted to throw a few certainties, in the form of confirmed titles, which we can hold onto for the next few months.

Among the highlighted fictions we do not find big surprises, but at least a large list of series is provided that will keep us entertained throughout the year. Nevertheless, no further information is provided about the transformation of HBO Spain into HBO Max, which will take place in the second half of the year, and whose consequences in terms of catalog and rate remain a mystery.

Kate Winslet in ‘Mare of Easttown’

A quiet year for local production

The premieres of ‘The pioneer’ and ‘Foodie Love’ in 2019 served as the threshold of HBO’s ambitious plans for its own production in Spain. In 2020 these intentions were confirmed with the arrival of ‘At home’, ‘By H or by B’ and, above all, of ‘Homeland’ and ’30 coins’. Nevertheless, none of those fictions have been renewed for now, posing a somewhat arid future in this department

In this situation, the two oases reserved for 2021 are the already released docuserie ‘Vitals’ and the dramedy ‘Todo lo otro’, created by Abril Zamora. And if we expand the perspective a bit and look at the rest of HBO Europe productions, there is a range of proposals made up of the Danish ‘Kamikaze’, the Swedish docuserie ‘Reza, obey, kill (Knutby)’ (April 4) and the Norwegian ‘Welcome to Utmark’ (April 18) and ‘Beforeigners (The Visitors)’, which will soon launch its second installment.

‘The Nevers’, the Victorian fantasy created by Joss Whedon

Repertoire of news and returns

The landing of HBO Max in Spain will cause the definitive communion between the original productions of HBO itself, which already have a proven prestige, and those of Max, which are trying to open a gap with a different tone. Therefore, throughout 2021 the premiere of the new series of both brands will be mixed. On the side of HBO are the fantastic ‘The Nevers’ and the miniseries ‘Mare of Easttown’, coming in April; the remake of « Secrets of a Marriage, » starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac; the comedy ‘The White Lotus’, set in a tropical resort; the reboot of ‘In therapy’, scheduled for May, whose cast is led by Uzo Aduba ; the movie ‘Oslo’, with Andrew Scott and Ruth Wilson; and the docuseries’ Allen v. Farrow, ‘which arrives Feb.22.

As for the assortment of new Max Originals, there will be three very striking proposals: the reboot of ‘Gossip Girl’, developed by one of the makers of the original series; the also adolescent ‘Genera + ion’ (March 11), which confronts some liberated young people with the most conservative mentalities; and ‘Starstruck’, which stars a millennial trying to survive in London. What’s more, on March 18 will be available ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’, the new cut of the 2017 film.

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in ‘Euphoria’

A score of returns in sight

In the field of superheroes, the launch of ‘Superman & Lois’, the new series of The CW, on February 24, also stands out. While in the returns section we find 18 productions that will be arriving in the months to come: the fourth season of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, the third of ‘Succession’, the fifth from ‘Insecure’, the third from ‘Britannia’, the fifth from ‘Better Things’, the second from ‘Dry Auga’, the eleventh from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, the second from ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ , the third from ‘Manifest’, the second from ‘Betty’, the fourth from ‘Snowfall’ (February 25), the second from ‘Love Life’, the third from ‘Mayans MC’, the second from ‘Blessed patience’ , the sixth from ‘Supergirl’, the third from ‘Doom Patrol’, the second from ‘Stargirl’ and the third from ‘Pose’.

All those productions are confirmed for 2021, which does not mean that we will not see more premieres this year. In a more ambiguous way, HBO Spain has confirmed that the second season of ‘Euphoria’ and the return of ‘Sex and the City’, titled ‘And just like that’, are « on the horizon ». Therefore, depending on the agility of their developments, they may or may not arrive before 2022. In any case, the one that will surely not land until next year is ‘House of the Dragon’, the prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’, which is preparing to start filming.