The Spanish believes that the fight this weekend will be with Racing Point

You have in mind the possibility of qualifying for rain

Carlos Sainz has completed a good day on Friday with a solid performance in both free practice sessions. The Spaniard finished seventh in the morning and fifth in the afternoon. At the moment, it has revealed to be more comfortable with the car than last week.

Sainz has tested his performance in both lap and race pace and is pleased with the result. However, he is not trusted since he does not know the conditions in which each one has rolled in terms of fuel or power.

“It would be interesting to see who has gone to the maximum and who has not. I still need a little time to analyze everything with the engineers, but in long and short runs, but I am more comfortable with the car,” he said.

Unlike what happened last weekend, Sainz has found the balance of the car, with which he is somewhat more confident. However, it makes clear that there is still a lot of work to be done.

“In general I think it was a more positive Friday. We have been able to find the feeling with the car a little better, but I would not claim victory yet, because we have to analyze many things. We have tried many experiments with the car set-up and even so we are going to have to analyze a lot “, he explained.

It is important to note that heavy rains are expected for the day on Saturday and it is possible that the classification will be suspended. If it could not be played on Sunday morning either, Free 2 would be taken as a reference. That is why his fifth place can be very important and his main rivals have put all the cards on the table.

“It was an interesting Friday because of that and because of the risk of it raining on Saturday and Sunday, which is why qualifying is canceled, so we had to do some time today. Surprised by the Racing Points that they go so fast, but In general, a little happier. I think it was on everyone’s mind, especially Checo’s with the return he has made, “he said.

McLaren did not expect to finish ahead of Racing Point, but Norris finished third ahead of both. Sainz believes that it will not be easy for something like this to happen again this time, since he thinks they have less rhythm than they do.

“Honestly, we are not far from the limit of what our car is capable of and today we were half a second behind a Racing Point, when Lando managed to qualify ahead last week. That shows that we are a bit far from where we want to be. and that Racing Point is still very strong, “he said.

Despite this, the man from Madrid does not rule out that anything could happen. Not always being faster allows you to finish in front of your rivals, so reliability and strategy are going to be key points.

“It was a surprise to see us fighting with Racing Point. This week it seems more what we expected in the tests, but you never know. One of those qualifying laps puts you ahead, you execute a good strategy and you still manage to stay ahead. I think it is going It will be extremely difficult to do it two consecutive weekends, but we are going to try it, “he said to finish.

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