Solidarity usually makes its way especially in the most difficult moments and initiatives launched during the coronavirus disease pandemic and mandatory confinement in much of the world is an example of this.

If in recent days we talked about how thousands of people are offering themselves on social networks to solve medical queries, give yoga classes or music festivals at a distance, this time we talk about the launch for Spain of an ambitious platform that aims to connect volunteers with people who need some kind of help. Solidarity in its purest form.

Tracker of Volunteers aims to channel and organize the citizen solidarity that emerged these days both on social networks and in neighborhoods

“A caring community to help those who need it most”

Volunteer Tracker, as this platform is called, was born from the hand of the insurance comparator Rastreator with the mission of “to put in contact safely people who, due to their physical condition or personal situation, need help with volunteers from all over Spain”.

Although it is not the first project born with the intention of bringing together the solidarity initiatives that have been emerging these weeks in a disinterested way, yes has the backing of a large company behind and its corresponding communication team. Which will undoubtedly help increase its dissemination.

Keeping company over the phone or video calls, teaching distance classes, helping with the purchase or care of a pet are some of the activities with which you can collaborate

The idea is that both those who want to help and those who need help can register on the platform and offer or ask privately, without exposing any personal data publicly. How? Geographically segmenting the volunteers so that only those who need help in the vicinity of their home know that it is offered.

In addition to offering services such as going shopping or walking a pet if the applicant cannot, Tracker of Volunteers allows to offer another kind of help such as distance reinforcement classes or, simply, to make virtual company over the phone or via video call.

         This website seeks to connect volunteers with people who need help during the coronavirus pandemic