We live in an era in which selfies are already fully accepted and integrated into our daily lives. Curiously, It is still quite common that we continue to use photography stores (or even photo booths) when we need to do the so-called “passport photos”.

And it is getting easier and cheaper print in a professional way in our homes, and the cameras that already include our mobile devices are of sufficient quality to take these photos.

Save time and money

The problem is that each country and each type of document have specific measuresSo if we decide to do it on our own, we will have to do it correctly if we want to be accepted.

This is where ‘Make Passport Photo’ comes in, a web page that will help us create a print template for official documents (passport, DNI or VISA) from one hundred and fifty different countries.

There are two modes: one of payment and one free. In the first (after paying four dollars) artificial intelligence will help us retouch all aspects of our photo (remove the background, adjust the contrast or place it perfectly in the space).

If we prefer, we can do it for free and manually. We simply have to choose the country and the type of document for which we are going to use the photo. They will ask us to drag the image and choose the type of paper we are going to print it on.

In the next step it will be necessary crop and adjust the photo so that our face appears centered. It is very simple, since some superimposed guides appear above the head:

You can even change clothes with a single click

It is appreciated that this website incorporates an editing mode, and in the next step you can adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure or saturation of the photo. As if that were not enough, it includes the option of donning suits in a very simple way:

If everything is correct, we will simply have to press the “finish” button and download the mosaic to your computer in order to print it. Below is an example that I created in less than a minute (using Bill Gates as a model):

It is the typical website that can get us out of trouble on more than one occasion, in addition to allowing us to save money every time we have to bring photographs to renew official documents.

More informations here : https://makepassportphoto.com/