The actor’s legacy of goodness and nobility is reflected in the words that his son dedicated to him on Instagram

Paul Walker would have reached the age of 47 today had it not been for that tragic accidente who took his life when he was 40 in 2013. The actor, marine biologist and car racer said goodbye to this world not without first leaving his legacy in the hands of his daughter.

It was Meadow Rain Walker who followed up on his father’s good deeds, leading the baton of his foundation in favor of maritime species, as well as the altruistic work of his father. And to show that he inherited the nobility of his father, there is the Emotional message he shared today in reference to his birthday on Instagram.

Provoking not only the nostalgia and tenderness of his followers, but also the satisfaction in a kind of tribute, Meadow uploaded a postcard where he is with his dad on the side and left a short but enough text showing how much he misses him.

“This was the moment when I realized that we are twins. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul « , he wrote in the graphic where he appears next to the interpreter of » Brian O’Conner «  in his iconic film « Fast and Furious », earning messages of love and sympathy from his followers.

The image already accumulates almost 484 thousand likes and even has comments from the film’s co-stars that his father recorded next to his great friend Vin Diesel who next to Michelle Rodriguez They have added to the reminders that they miss Walker.

With a profile full of images where he always carries the memory of his father, there is no doubt that Meadow Rain Walker inherited that kindness and love for family that the actor who would be 47 years old today gave him.