This was the rise of Iron Man, which movie grossed the least and which was the worst criticized?

The Iron Man trilogy served to consolidate the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but not all of the hero’s films turned out to be a success.

Iron Man turned out to be the first step in the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Big Bang, let’s say.

On May 2, 2008, the film starring Robert Downey Jr. was released. Then there would be two more productions about Tony Stark’s alter ego, released on May 7, 2010 and May 3, 2013.

But which was the one that raised the least at the box office? And which one received the worst reviews?

A risk that ended with a great victory

Jon Favreau took the risk of directing the first film of an unattractive Marvel character. Let’s remember that, at that time, Spider-Man -the most popular- was not in the hands of the company.

Another risk: the leading role for Downey Jr., a brilliant actor who came from problems with drugs and alcohol.

And it was worth it all: the film was not only a box office success, but it became the cornerstone of a project that has been performing for more than a decade.

The first Iron Man movie raised 585 million dollars. It surpassed others from the MCU such as The Incredible Hulk (263 M), Thor (449 M) and Captain America: The First Avenger (370 M).

Could you repeat the success of the other two versions of the film?

This is how Marvel’s Iron Man 2 and 3 did

In fact, monetarily the sequels surpassed the first production. Iron Man 2 racked up $ 624 million, and the third part achieved 1.2 trillion dollars.

However, critically, the two were weaker than the first.

Favreau directed the second part, which had a new actor to play James Rhodes, the charismatic Don Cheadle by the more serious Terrence Howard. While the last one was in the hands of Shane Black.

For Rotten Tomatoes, while Iron Man had reactions of the critics and the public superior to 90%, in the next two barely 70% passed.

In fact, the second part it had 73% approval from the critics, 61% from the top critics, and 72% from the public. iron Man 3 record 80% approval from critics, 62% from the most important and 78% from the public.

Why the lows in the aftermath?

In the end, Downey Jr. always enjoyed huge critical acclaim. The theme was in the stories. For example: the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 was quite disappointing for fans.

Beyond the numbers, the importance of the Tony Stark saga was in the consolidation of the UCM. And how.