This was the return of María Celeste Arrarás to Univision 20 years after resigning

María Celeste Arrarás in ‘Despierta América’.

Photo: @vgmediapr / Courtesy

In a historical moment and that until last year seemed something little possible, Maria Celeste Arrarás returned to Univision 20 years after resigning.

Invited by ‘Despierta América’ MC returned to the place where she left when she resigned from being the presenter of ‘Primer Impacto’, to become the first major celebrity of said network to make his pass to Telemundo, where She was not only the face, but also the executive producer of her own show, ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, until in 2020 she was fired in a surprising way.

Raúl González was the one who welcomed María Celeste, when she went to look for her in the makeup room. Very skinny, dressed in an elegant black jumpsuit, MC made his official entrance to the ‘happiest house on Hispanic television’.

The first thing González told her when she entered the study was that they were all vaccinated, which gave her permission to lose herself in a happy hug with him, with Giselle Blondet who has been invited to drive since last week, and with Carlitos Calderón .

María Celeste told, with the sympathy that characterizes her, that she had to put the GPS to return the house she left 20 years ago. It is that we remember that the daily shows are no longer recorded, for several years, in the famous Network of always, but in the Newsport building that was inaugurated when they presented Fuision.

In addition to being happy, María Celeste was very moved by the reunion with many of her former colleagues, who accompanied her during so many adventures when she was in charge of ‘Primer Impacto’ with Myrka Dellanos.

In the first part of the interview, the Puerto Rican journalist received the greetings of María Elena Salinas, who was her co-worker before becoming rivals, but above all she is his great friend.

Then he explained why he looks so physically fit, he said that With ‘so much free time’, he was reunited with his great love: tennis. Sport that he now practices daily and even won a tournament.

They also talked about the reinvention of Arrarás, with the launch of his interviews ‘MC Live’ on his YouTube channel, where every week he receives a famous, with whom you have a chat with a message.