This was the reaction of scientists at JPL to the successful landing of Perseverance

The moments before the success were very tense.

The success of the mission was not guaranteed. The scientists in charge of the project and the representatives of the POT. The touch to the surface of Perseverance it was one of the most complicated parts of his stages. And after about seven long months of waiting it was achieved. A moment that was conducive to releasing tensions and releasing an euphoric cry of joy.

This is how scientists reacted in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the POT (JPL). Among engineers, astronomers and experts who worked on Perseverance they allowed themselves to skip the protocol. Once contact with the surface was confirmed, they released the tension that overwhelmed them.

From the time the space probe reached orbit until it entered the surface of Mars, approximately 22 minutes passed. They were, surely, the longest in the lives of these scientists. This project marks a milestone in their careers and nothing could go wrong.

Perseverance contact on Mars

After it arrived, about 13-14 minutes passed, which is how long it takes for the signal to arrive from the red planet. Then, after the jump of joy, they returned to their workstations to receive the first image.

This is a black and white photograph taken from one of the cameras inside the rover. They stated in the same live broadcast that as the hours go by, high definition images will be received. Maybe a color photo will be published this Thursday.