This was the opening of the fantasy and horror film festival

On Thursday night the inauguration of the International Fantasy Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, better known as FERATUM.

This year, in addition to Tlalpujahua, in the state of Michoacán, the contest will also be held in Pátzcuaro. Both places will serve as venues for some face-to-face screenings, but the films will also be able to be seen by viewers throughout the republic through Cinepolis Klic, FilminLatino, Fotográfica MX of Fundación Televisa, as well as Channel 22, PÁNICO TV and Sistema Michoacano de Radio and Television.

FERATUM festival inauguration Photo courtesy: Dosak Moreno

The festival’s opening ceremony was led by two extraterrestrial characters, Cyborg and Décima Mujer, who presented the official selection divided into five sections: national and international short films, and national, international and Latin American feature films. In each of them they also presented the talent behind the camera.

Between the two conductors, they presented all the organizers behind the festival, as well as the joint associations, the Michoacan authorities that condoned the event and the jury that will give the go-ahead to the works in competition for this edition.

Along with this virtual ceremony, a red carpet was held in the Plaza Don Vasco in the municipality of Pátzcuaro, attended by some special guests and the director of the festival Miguel Ángel Marín. This was broadcast through the open television spaces assigned for the festival, the same in which the short films of this year’s selection will be broadcast.

FERATUM festival inauguration

For its ninth edition, FERATUM presented during its opening ceremony the Nosferatu de Oro special award to actor Ignacio López Tarso, for the cultural contribution throughout his career, but especially as part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Macario ribbon. Of course, due to the issue of the pandemic, the actor received the award from his home with a live broadcast.

“Macario and I thank you very much with a true feeling, a true heart for this gift,” said the actor. «I will keep it very pleased as a souvenir of FERATUM and Macario. I wish you from here a great success at your next festival.

FERATUM will be held from November 19-22. You can see the video of the full inauguration here. Get to know the official selection here before you go to rent the movies for free at this link.

Feratum ignacio lópez tarso Macario film festival

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