This was the important contract that Zack Snyder signed with Netflix

Zack Snyder managed to sign for Netflix with a two-year contract, within which he will develop the sequel to The Army of the Dead.

The Army of the Dead It was for many the resurgence of the zombie cinema from World War Z. For others, on the other hand, it was more of the same. Despite divided critics, the feature film managed to exceed the expectations that Netflix had on it. This is why the streaming platform and production company want to make the most of the material that this universe has to offer. However, the key piece for this is Zack snyder, director of the film.

Thus, in order to continue the plans, the company managed to sign the filmmaker for two more years, at least for now. However, the contract could be extended to more, but already that time will allow the company to confirm some important products with the developer.

The first installment that the writer has with the signature is Rebel moon, an adventure and science fiction film, which according to what was commented, will be inspired by the films of Akira Kurosawa and in the style of Star wars. According to some reports, the script will be an adaptation of a draft that Snyder made for the galactic saga at some point in his career.

After this, the creative will be able to focus on the sequel to Army of the dead. The director’s wife, Deborah SnyderIt will be the production company again, but there is still no release date, nor many details about it. It should be noted that the first tape was completely open for a direct continuation.

However, this will not be the only title that the filmmaker will create in this world he invented, but will be in charge of others. In the related list is an anime series, The Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, as well as two spin-offs, one also animated and The Army of Thieves, to be launched in spring 2022.

Finally, the cinematic content creator will be at the forefront of the series Twilight of the Gods, which you are already working on.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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