Over the course of six hours of broadcast, the special solidarity program United for Argentina raised almost 88 million pesos that will be donated to the Red Cross to help the neediest sectors of the country, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Following an initiative by the first lady, Fabiola Yáñez, the six air channels broadcasted this cycle that made history.

United for Argentina had a pair of conductors for each station. Alejandro Fantino Y Guillermo Andino on América TV; Maju Lozano Y Leo Montero by The Nine; Marley Y Veronica Lozano by Telefe; Sergio Goycochea Y Angela Lerena on Public TV; Mariana Fabbiani Y Guido Kaczka by El Trece; and finally Mariano Peluffo Y Pampita on Net TV.

Fabbiani and Vero Lozano were the first conductors to enter the study at La Corte, in Chacarita, at 18 o’clock. “A pleasure to share this afternoon with you. A historical transmission, really only ”, opened the cycle the figure of El Trece.

All proceeds will go to the Red Cross so that it can supply the most vulnerable and needy sectors with medical and medical supplies that are doing so much for us, ”added his colleague, who also explained that all the income from the advertising that is seen throughout the transmission will also be donated. to the Red Cross.

After a short video that reflected the progress of the pandemic in Argentina and the measures the National Government took to flatten the famous curve, a trio of drivers entered: Guillermo Andino, Maju Lozano Y Sergio Goycochea. “We are united in this delicate and special moment that it is up to the whole world to live … Thank you for joining us,” Maju told the public.

His colleague from America assured that this is a “historical broadcast” in which all the television air channels are “twinned” with the aim of “changing the destiny or history of many people”. “We are doing all this effort because unfortunately you have to think that no one is exempt from getting. It is a pleasure to participate in this solidarity network that we started today. You help yourself and the others, “said the former goalkeeper.

The studio has a giant screen on which different personalities from the entertainment and sports world leave their messages. As the Chinese Leunis, who invited all those who are following the program to participate through social networks with the hashtag #UnidosPorArgentina.

From Arequito, Santa Fe, Soledad Pastorutti He told how this delicate moment is happening: “I started the mandatory quarantine a week before. I am with my family, my children, my husband, my parents and my sister. We are all on the same premises. It is a situation that misleads us all. It makes us all so sad, restless … One can be happy with much less. I think this is going to be a before and an after. ” Then, he started the musical presentations with “Hallelujah”.

Luis Novaresio He also made his contribution through a video: “Sandra Mihanovich He says that when you give you receive more than you are giving. It is a request that this be transformed into a gesture of solidarity by staying at home. But today more than ever donate please

Diego Tipping, President of the Argentine Red Cross, spoke with Andino and told how this historical program was created: “That historical photo with all the covers of the newspapers that came out with the same message it made me think of replicating it through all means. Argentines who are at home can contribute the most important thing, which is isolation, and also collaborate financially. ”

In addition, he explained what will be the destination of everything collected throughout the day. In this sense, he said that the Red Cross will participate in “the whole process”, from the donation, which generates a purchase ticket, to consulting with the scientific community on the supplies that need to be purchased. “The Red Cross is going to facilitate the entire network it has in the world to see where these supplies are available and how we can bring them to Argentina. The Red Cross is going to be the meeting point between civil society and the State. They will tell us what to buy, the priority and where. We are going to take it to the chosen place ”, he indicated.

The second musical of the day was in charge of Ulises Bueno, who through a recorded video sang “Intento” from home, along with one of his musicians who accompanied him with a keyboard from a distance.

At the end of the first hour of the program, the drivers announced that 10,240,000 pesos had already been collected. Through different messages, recognized national and international singers asked that they continue collaborating. Among them were Michael Bublé (with his partner, Luisana Lopilato), Alex Ubago, Oriana Sabatini Y Andrés Calamaro.

Pablo Lescano He did not want to be left out of this historic solidarity day and contributed a share of cumbia to Unidos por Argentina. Along with her daughter, Marita, composed a song that she called “Marita Cuarentena” and sang it together with the little girl from her quarantine.

The cast of Separadas, a program that had to be momentarily lifted from the air because it was no longer possible to record due to the mandatory quarantine, left a conscientious message and recalled the means to collaborate. “Argentina needs us more united than ever and that’s why your help is important ”, he highlighted Monica Antonópulos.

United by Argentina, it transcended the country’s borders and reached Mexico. The popular musicians Jessy & Joy sang the song “Ours is worth more” in collaboration with the solidarity special.

Mariano Peluffo, on Net TV, and Angela Lerena, on Public TV, they entered the study, accompanied by Mariana Fabbiani. Always with the means of contact to donate on the screen, they highlighted the importance of each collaboration that takes place, no matter how big or small it is.

“They are moments where many people cannot work and cannot generate, but it is great that you can contribute, “said Peluffo.

Lerena, for her part, sent a special message to those who are fulfilling the quarantine in solitude: “There are people who have been alone and bored for many days and want us to accompany them. We thank you for letting us enter your house to be part, even a little bit, of your life.

One of the most outstanding musical moments was starring Tini Stoessel Y Sebastián Yatra. He in her native Colombia, and she in Argentina, they live this delicate moment apart and complying with the quarantine. But that didn’t stop them from coming together via streaming to sing their famous song “Hey”.

From his home in Luján, Luciano Pereyra sang live and accompanied by his guitar one of his latest hits: “You are falling in love with me”. He also said that he took advantage of the time in the quarantine to “befriend” the “tool box” and collaborated with some domestic arrangements.

Averaging an hour and a half of the program, he was interviewed Ginés González García, Minister of Health of the Nation, who praised the proposal of United for Argentina: “I think that one of the assets that a country has in a situation like this is that it obviously has to have a better government, a better society and a better ability to report transparently, so that what happens everyone knows. That is an important patrimony of the Argentineans ”.

Patricia Sosa sang her song “Luces” and then surprised Juanes with his appearance from his home in Miami, where he quarantines with his family. The artist intoned “I ask God” and assured: “My children are doing school from here … Normally we are working together and now we are spending time together.”

From Esquel, where he is quarantining with his partner and two of his children, Marcelo Tinelli recorded a very emotional message, in which he asked for applause in recognition of health workers and all those who must continue to fulfill their professional tasks despite the pandemic. “Thank you for the valuable work you are doing,” said the famous driver.

The next protagonists of the day were the members of the family Rodriguez Villa Lugano, who a few weeks ago viralized the song they wrote, I stay home because I love you. “We stayed at home to respect the isolation and I wanted to contribute something from my part. What I know how to do: write songs. So I wrote the song and told my family to record it and upload it, “Horacio explained. Of course, they all sang the song together.

Mirtha Legrand I could not miss this historic event. Through a telephone communication from her home, where she has been under quarantine since before her mandatory nature was decreed, with the aim of preserving her health, the diva said: “I speak on the phone all day, WhatsApp, I read the newspapers and I walk around my house. I do a little gymnastics too. ”

“I am concerned with all this that is happening. I am a big woman and I never thought I was going to live a situation like this. It is global. It is terrible, ”said Chiqui.

Away from television due to mandatory quarantine, she took the opportunity to send greetings to her entire family and noted: “You have to be calm, quiet and distract the mind. Because the mind is filled with dark thoughts, then you have to listen to music and connect with yourself.

Once the conversation with the diva ended, the giant screen updated the collection data so far, with just under two and a half hours of transmission: 23,886,408 pesos. The studio was renovated with the entry of two other protagonists of the night, Alejandro Fantino, for America, and Leo Montero, by El Nueve, who were accompanied by Vero Lozano.

Thank you very much to all who are working here very earlyFantino said. “I join the people who are putting what they have in their pocket“Montero assured.

The doctor. Jorge Tartaglione and the journalist Guillermo Lobo, invited to the apartment, were deeply moved by the broadcast that was made live from the Muñiz Hospital. All health workers at the medical center applauded at 9 p.m., and the whole country accompanied them, as has been done every day for several weeks in recognition of their work and that of all their colleagues.

Claudio Rígoli joined the list of renowned drivers who went through the program to interview María Luisa Rodríguez, from the El Arroyo Mothers Club, from Lugano, who opened his heart to speak about the importance of solidarity. “You don’t give what is left over, you give what you have. People who help know that there are invisible forces around them, be they angels, gods or the Universe“, said.

Brothers Guido Y Patrick sardelli, from Airbag, who are quarantining together, they touched on the theme “Por thousand nights” to continue musicalizing the day.

Abel Pintos, one of the most successful Argentine artists of the moment, sang his song “Motivos” and referred to the news he recently received: he will be a dad. “I have a lot of happiness. For me it was an opening of senses of life and the world. It changed the way I see everything. Part of the uncertainties that today encompasses what is happening has to do with it, but I feel very happy and we live it with a lot of love and a lot of joy. I hope that after all this the world is a better place because I am expecting a child and that fills me with happiness. It is the greatest thing that I have lived in my life ”, he assured.

Between song and song, Guillermo Francella He also said “present” and joined the request for collaborations. “With your help, the Red Cross will be able to acquire the necessary supplies to strengthen the coronavirus and donate them to hospitals in all Argentines. It’s worth it, join“He said.

Alejandro Sanz, since his quarantine in Madrid, he did not give a little of his music but he left his message: “Although they are difficult times I want give them a message of hope because I’ve never seen a global unit like this. “

Luis Fonsi He contributed his talent with the song “Nothing is forever” and said: “We have to be united to beat this virus” Upon returning to the study, the number of donations was updated, which reached 52,812,714 pesos.

A funny moment took place when Leo Montero noticed that Marley He was finishing details behind the scenes before making his appearance on the scene. Together with Fantino, he highlighted the good presence and humility of the driver, and said he was going to give him a hug. But he quickly realized his mistake and retracted it: “You certainly can’t!

Finally the last trio of drivers made their entry: Carolina Pampita Ardohain, Marley and Guido Kaczka. His presentation was with an interview via Skype from Miami, in the house of Ricardo Montaner and his family.

The famous Venezuelan singer spoke with Unidos por Argentina with his wife, children and their respective partners. He was even present Stefi Roitman, girlfriend of Ricky montaner. “Music plays here all day and that has allowed us to produce, while respecting the rules that have been imposed on us. We take the opportunity to make songs during all these days“Said Montaner Sr., who also sang” The Glory of God. ”

Carlos Tevez was another of the figures in the world of sports who was present. Through a video recorded from his home with his family, who held a poster with the hashtag #QuedateEnCasa, the Boca forward said: “This virus is going to make us grow as people and society. The message we give to everyone is important. “

By the studies of the Court they added their presence the doctors Nelson Castro Y Daniel Lopez Rosetti, who contributed their knowledge to raise awareness about preventive measures against coronavirus.

Although he had previously made his appearance through a video recorded with Sebastián Yatra, Tini Stoessel did not want to miss the opportunity to speak live with the drivers for a few minutes. From his home, the young star assured that these days there was not a single brush with his parents or his brother, with whom he quarantines.

“I’m not very training, but in this quarantine I started training with him (for Francisco, his brother) and to do things that he did not do before with the whirlwind, he had no time … It is the positive side of being at home, “he assured, and sang the theme” Don’t call me anymore. “

In addition, in her role as ambassador of Pantene, she said that the brand will make a donation of 15 products that will reach 10,000 Argentine families. Y she herself will make a donation to the Hospital San Isidro, of which she is a godmother.

After Gabriel Batistuta, who left a message of awareness, Lali Esposito He had a live chat with the drivers from the living room of his house. The young woman, while she is quarantining with her boyfriend, Santiago MocorreaHe said: “We are in the same boat and we depend on the other. I don’t remember a situation like this where we all depend on each other’s actions, so this puts us to the test quite a bit. I must say that I am very proud, humbly, of what happens on the street: you see that people respect

“It is very difficult for us to be at home, we like to work and not everyone has the same possibility of staying in a house where they have everything and the salary in a bank account. There are people who have a hard time with such a situation, therefore I greatly appreciate the effort that people make to take care of their health and that of all of us“Assured the singer, who sang” Your revolution “.

Adrian SuarFor his part, he said that he is quarantining accompanied by Daisy flower, his youngest daughter, and did not want to reveal if there was anyone else in his house … This forces you to reflect, to rethink everything that is happening in the world. Surely when this is over he will leave us a teaching. I hope we learn from this, ”he predicted.

After 11 at night the surprises kept coming. In this case, directly from Barcelona: Joan Manuel Serrat left a message of encouragement for all Argentines and he intoned with his guitar “Those Little Things”.

Through a short recorded message, Susana Giménez also contributed its grain of sand. “Argentina of my collaboration, let’s collaborate with the Red Cross. There are many people who need it. A huge kiss, masters, ”he said.

Alejandro Lerner, one of the artists who has been most present on his social networks since the quarantine began, with the aim of entertaining his followers, he musicalized the next segment of the program with his piano and the song “Besos de distant”.

Messages to raise awareness of this delicate present continued with well-known Argentine athletes such as Juan Martín del Potro, Gabriela Sabatini, Lionel Messi, Luciana Aymar, Pulga Rodríguez, Kun Agüero, Martín Palermo, Pico Mónaco and the Fillol duck.

From Spain, David Bisbal opened the doors of his house, where he is serving quarantine. He left a message for the Argentines and sang on his piano “I fell in love with you”.

In English, although mixing some words in Spanish, Roger Waters recorded a video in which he assured that there is that “be united to fight ”against the coronavirus. And he left a message of support for the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, for whom, as he assured, he feels a lot of “passion”.

Then, Mariano Martínez, Julieta Ortega Y Mex Urtizberea they got together (virtually, of course) to address their fans and ask them to donate to the Red Cross. Too Diego Boneta joined.

The closing was in charge of the first lady, Fabiola Yanez, who celebrated the “union of the Argentines after so much division” and said: “I want to thank those who were there, on the other side. And especially those who are at home. Your life is worth the same as mine. It is painful that we have to learn like this but this is how we have to act: conscientiously

In that sense, he added: “As humanity we are transforming. We Argentines have the opportunity to do it without fear, being prepared, with the necessary supplies. ”

Finally, with six drivers on the floor, one for each channel, they said goodbye to the historic day and presented the collection: 87,938,624 pesos.

While the screen showed landscapes from all corners of Argentina, the National Anthem was heard as a farewell, performed by some of the most recognized national musicians, such as Gustavo Santaolalla, Litto Nebbia, Fabiana Cantilo, Los Pimpinela, Andrés Ciro Martínez, Javier Calamaro, Víctor Heredia Y Valeria Lynch.