It seems like a lie but on June 29 but 1994, Oasis debuted in Top Of The PopsWith telling you that the Gallaghers were still getting along back then, it seems like an eternity ago, right? At that time they already showed a lot of talent, and believe it or not you were still considered a local Manchester band, but the world was about to know the songs that would change more than a generation.

1994 was a key year for Liam, Noel, Paul Arthurs –Better known as ‘Bonehead’-, Paul McGuigan and Tony McCarrollIt was the beginning of what would become a career full of achievements and one or another setback. A year before the bomb exploded, the gang He had barely recorded a few demos and gave shows at various venues in his hometown, waiting for someone to discover them one day and take them to the top of success.

This was the first presentation of Oasis in Top Of The Pops

Oasis giving a show in January 1994 / Photo: .

That opportunity came in late 1993, when they learned that there would be a producer looking for bands that would make a presence at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut ‘club in Glasgow, Scotland. The Gallaghers along with the rest of the members traveled to the city and managed to play at the bar, where would I see them Allan McGee, executive of the independent record label Creation Records, who after their performance would offer them their first record deal four days later.

The first real chance on British television that they gave Oasis was on the program The Word for Channel 4where the Manchester they played “Supersonic”, one of the first songs that they composed and that later it would become an instant classic. In this presentation, the band demonstrated what they were capable of and above all, they taught their country an attitude and sound that had not been seen for years.

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Despite having appeared on that television show playing one of the hits that was slowly catapulting them nationally, The true litmus test that every band or artist in the UK has to go through to become a great was still missing., record their first performance on the popular Top Of The Pops show from the BBC, something that many did but few managed to use as a springboard.

Before reaching that point, they released two more singles, Shakermaker and Live Forever, which also became songs that British teenagers adopted as hymns, since they had spent years waiting for a band as exciting as them. As if this were not enough, Oasis had another huge opportunity before playing on the TV show, well they gave their first concert at the Glastonbury festival, something historic for a group that had not even released their debut album.

This was the first presentation of Oasis in Top Of The PopsThis was the first presentation of Oasis in Top Of The Pops

Liam Gallagher playing with Oasis at the 1994 Glastonbury Festival / Photo: .

Although everything was spectacular and nothing could go wrong, there was a problem that took away a few million that they still did not have. It turns out that the main melody for “Shakermaker” was similar to “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, a song that became popular when Coca-Cola used it in an advertising campaign in the 70s.

Of course the company did not sit idly by and asked Oasis to pay $ 500,000 in damages, and of course the band had no choice but to do it. After this conflict with the soft drink company and when asked about it, Noel Gallagher –Using the black sense of humor that we now know him–, said after all this now they were taking Pepsi.

This was the first presentation of Oasis in Top Of The PopsThis was the first presentation of Oasis in Top Of The Pops

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After these tests that they had passed, but not before starting to cause controversy – a constant in his career – now it was Oasis’s turn to finish conquering the United Kingdom. For this first presentation (and perhaps to continue with the Coca-Cola theme) decided to play “Shakermaker”, something that many did not understand because “Supersonic” and “Live Forever” were more powerful live tracks.

In the end they didn’t care about anything and as always they did what they wanted. Her time had come,. on june 29, 1994 the band members took their places and played the song, although not as traditionally done. Instead of having the vocalist, guitarists and bassist in front, they decided put drummer Tony McCarroll ahead of them all, While Noel Gallagher, Bonehead and Paul McGuigan played, and Liam sang, without that traditional shape and even parka that now characterize it.

This was the first presentation of Oasis in Top Of The PopsThis was the first presentation of Oasis in Top Of The Pops

Oasis Show at The Astoria in 1994 / Photo: .

After appearing on Top Of The Pops, a month later Definitely Maybe would premiere and the rest is history. Oasis ate the popularity charts, earning a lot of fans in the UK and the world with their debut album, a year later they released the spectacular (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory and they became one of the biggest bands that this wonderful island has given.

What they built throughout 1994 and after their appearance on the show, the band made a whole generation adopt their songs as their own and inspiring new generations to form their own groups. As if it were a dream, a fever not seen since The Beatles, Oasis taught the world the attitude and sound the new rock and roll would have, proving that after them, nothing would ever be like before.

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