Michonne said goodbye to ‘The Walking Dead’ in 10×13 but did not die and the door for the character of Danai Gurira to return to the universe of fiction is more than open. The episode paid tribute to his eight-year journey and began with a flash to an alternate reality. that took as the starting point the end of the second season: Michonne meets Andrea (Laurie Holden) but, on this occasion, does not save him from the walkers.

Back to the present, Michonne continues with Virgil (Kevin Carroll), with whom he abandoned the main plots in 10×08. He decided to get on a boat with him heading to a remote island under the promise of an important cache of weapons. Since then we had not heard from her, so her return marks her farewell. Upon arrival, discover the true purpose of Virgil, who asks him for help to recover the bodies of his family, turned into walkers, to permanently kill them and bury them.

Danai Gurira, Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’

Although he fulfills his request, Virgil is reluctant to give him the promised ammunition. That night Michonne goes into the island’s laboratory to try to find them but she is surprised by her host, who locks her in a room. There the katana survivor meets three former Virgil workers who tell her how she went mad. An incident with a group of newcomers to the island, whom they used to help, caused Virgil to lock them all in a building, indirectly causing the death of his own family.

When she wakes up, Michonne takes the food that Virgil has left her without knowing that it contains hallucinogenic herbs. He begins to have visions with Siddiq (Avi Nash) and with the alternative reality in which he does not save Andrea and ends up becoming the right hand of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). She would have been the author of Glenn’s deaths (Steven Yeun), Heath (Corey Hawkins) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), among others, and the war would have ended with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) murdering her.

Door open on return

Michonne and the others manage to escape and capture their captor. Instead of killing him, they decide to offer him their forgiveness to obtain peace with themselves, he says. He then searches for the promised weapons, but only finds two cowboy boots: Rick’s. Virgil assures that she never met him but, when Michonne communicates to Judith (Cailey Fleming) via radio that she has found a possible clue that her father is alive, the little girl asks him to go in search of her.

Back on land, Michonne experiences a small regression to her initial self and captures two walkers, mutilates them and makes them her protectors. However, he meets a man and a woman who ask him for help to reach a group of caravans. Gurira’s character ends his walkers and decides to help these two survivors, who guide him to their community. Who are these people? Will Michonne find Rick? The door is left open as we watch her move towards her new destination, more sure than ever of the essence that defines her. As the producers have already commented, it is more than likely that we will see the resolution in the saga of films of ‘The Walking Dead’ that are in production.