This was Luis Severino’s first outing after Tommy John

The Yankees from New York have already received detailed information on how Luis Severino did in his first formal outing after Tommy John in the MLB.

On the morning of Thursday, May 13, 2021, Severino faced some batters from the Los Angeles Spring League. Yankees of New York where Jasson Domínguez was among other prospects of that organization.

Aaron Booone, manager of the Yankees, let it be known that two-time all-star Luis Severino threw 36 pitches and reached 96 miles.

Domínguez missed with a fly ball against Luis Severino’s shipments, being one of the highest caliber pitchers he has faced throughout his career in the MLB.

Severino’s return is scheduled for mid-June of the current year, the Yankees have had the second best rotation of the season numerically and should not be in a hurry to or go against time regarding the return of said pitcher.

Here the report:

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