This was Lucía Méndez’s response to the theory that Verónica Castro is in love with her

The rivalry between Veronica Castro Y Lucia Mendez It is one of the most commented topics within the show business and again They gave something to talk about after one of them spoke about the possibility of a “crush” on the part of one towards the other.

It was Lucia who could no longer evade the rumors, and confirmed in an interview for the program Javier Ceriani Y Elisa beristain, ‘Gossip No Like’, that several people have told her that Veronica is in love with her.

“This comment is not made by you, many journalists do it to me, but there are people who tell me more and more. They have told me. Maximiliano Lumbia, an Argentine journalist, has told me a lot, and I tell him: ‘no man, you’re wrong, you’re crazy’. I don’t think so, definitely not, “said the singer.

Although she mentioned that this is a very uncomfortable topic for her, she explained that she can no longer limit herself to answering certain things because many people continue to make observations to him regarding his relationship with the Castro.

“Believe me, it is a very uncomfortable subject for me, but I can no longer avoid it,” he told Elisa.

Regarding their bad relationship, Méndez accused Verónica that she has always tried to follow in his footsteps: “It’s like, I do something and she immediately does the same, she has the same. I don’t understand, ”he said.

It is important to emphasize that the mother of Cristian castro announced his retirement from the entertainment industry after the scandal he starred in last year when he was romantically involved with Yolanda andrade, who said that they not only had a relationship, but that they were married.

Undoubtedly, both Mexican stars are two of the great figures who have wasted talent on the small screen, so practically everything they do and say causes it to be a topic of conversation.

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