This was Francisco Lindor’s bittersweet debut with the Mets

The boricua Francisco Lindor did not have the debut I expected with the New York Mets in the MLB.

Although it was not in New York City as expected, the debut from Francisco Lindor It is still special despite the fact that it did not go well. Lindor was 3-0 with a walk and a strikeout.

However, he wore a little with his glove, where it is very difficult for him to fail, we are talking about a platinum glove.

Here the video:

Although he had tremendous Spring Training, it was very difficult to expect much from Francisco Lindor Because it was supposed to debut last Thursday, but the coronavirus got in the way. Obviously all the Mets hitters are now picking up the pace in the MLB 2021.

It’s no secret that Mets fans are eager to see their $ 341 million man at shortstop for the first time, as they haven’t had a player of that caliber since Jose Reyes left the team.