This was Dinosaur Planet, a canceled Rare game for Nintendo 64

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The history of videogames always surprises us with canceled projects that fell short of reaching the market for various reasons. Today a playable version of Dinosaur Planet, a Rare title that was in development for Nintendo 64, was released.

The game does not only stand out for being from the now Microsoft studio, since it is a title that was canceled and later recovered for the creation of Star Fox Adventures, a GameCube game that caused a bit of controversy among fans of the saga .

What’s interesting is that a playable version of Dinosaur Planet was leaked, allowing gamers to get an idea of ​​what Rare was planning for the Nintendo console. A game preservation group was the one who found the title in a curious way.

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This is Dinosaur Planet, the Rare title that never made it to Nintendo 64

Forest of Illusion shared part of the history of Dinosaur Planet on social networks. According to the preservation group, the playable title was purchased from a collector in Sweden. It is estimated that it is a rather late version of the project since the compilation was made in December 2000.

The game was announced in 1999 and the plan was that it will take advantage of all the capabilities of the Nintendo 64, including the Expansion Pak and a 512 MB cartridge to offer an innovative and engaging experience to gamers.

It is said that the development of the title took longer than expected, so Nintendo decided to save it and later bring it to the GameCube. Also, it is noted that it was Shigeru Miyamoto who suggested that Fox McCloud and other Star Fox characters be used.

What is striking about the leaked version is that it already shows Fox McCloud as one of the main characters, instead of Saber, who was going to be the original protagonist of this adventure. Below is a video with gameplay and some images:

Forest of Illusion assured that the playable version runs with some problems in its graphics and in its shadows and lighting sections. Also, there is some slowdown in various parts of the title. Surely in the next few days we will know more details of this discovery.

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