The Swedish extenista Mats Wilander believes that the “great victim” of this stoppage in tennis due to the coronavirus pandemic is Serbian Novak Djokovic, who had started the season very strongly, and is also clear that everything that is happening “It is an alarm signal for the western world, privileged and jaded”, but also the beginning, once it is resolved, “of something new for Humanity”.


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“The big loser is Djokovic. He still hasn’t lost a game this year and it is clear that this virus is stopping him”, Wilander expresses in an interview with ‘L’Equipe’. “It is also a waste of time for all the guys who push behind the ‘Big 3’. Of course, they have made a lot of progress during training, but guys like Shapovalov, Tsitsipas or Auger-Aliassime are growing up today especially in games,” added.

The winner of seven ‘Grand Slams’ the only tennis players who can have a certain “positive attitude” on this stage are those who “got injured on the Australian tour”. “When everything resumes, everyone will start from scratch, but not knowing when it will resume is terrible,” he confessed.

The Scandinavian knows that all postponements and cancellations “are horrible for fans” and that for the players “is an opportunity for them to train more if they canBut the most difficult part is keeping your motivation because you don’t know why you train and especially why. In these cases, it is difficult to concentrate, “he stressed.

Also, “not at all” considers it selfish that Roland Garros decided to change his date automatically to September given the impossibility of holding it on its traditional spring dates as it was “the only possible decision”, while, as a resident in the United States, it also does not see that the US Open is likely to remain on its scheduled dates because it does not believe that ” the situation is really under control here “and” New York has been badly affected by the virus. “

What is truly selfish is Humanity’s behavior towards its planet. All this contamination with impunity … Furthermore, we now realize the best the planet has been since certain human activities ceased. With all this, Earth is offered a year of rest, in the drama that is happening to us, this is the only really positive thing, “he warns.

“No one was prepared for this to happen. This virus is a red flag for the western world, privileged and jaded. It reminds us of the essential, that we are one and the same race, in the same world. Once the problem is solved, it may be the beginning of something new for Humanity, “says Wilander.