The Ford Bronco Nation community put the capabilities of Ford’s new release to the test, demonstrating why it is the most liked 4×4 of off-roaders

The launch of the new Ford bronco It has been a success without a doubt, but the most grateful with the arrival of this 4 × 4 are off-road lovers, who have the opportunity to show that the Bronco prevails over rivals such as the Jeep wrangler, Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G Class.

And that’s exactly what he has done Ford bronco nation, demonstrate with actions that the promises of this vehicle are not only words, but acts that leave everyone with their mouths open. Through a video, the community clearly shows what the new 2021 Ford Bronco is capable of.

According to the Diariomotor portal, the video was recorded during the tests carried out by the new Ford Bronco still in the prototype phase and with some guests from the Bronco Nation and Bronco 6G clubs at the wheel. Thus, in a setting like Moab in Utah, USA, the Ford Bronco brings out all its possibilities overcoming difficulties of all kinds and conditions.

It should be noted that, for the recording of said video, the Bronco was equipped with the package Sasquatch, which translates into more extreme preparation you can install a Bronco from the factory. This package includes 35 ″ TT tires, ground clearance of 294.6 mm, lockable front and rear differentials, 4 × 4 with reducer and more than outstanding dimensions of 43.2º for angle of attack, 29º (2 doors) or 26.3 º (4 doors) for the ventral angle and 37.2º (2 doors) or 37.0º (4 doors) for the exit angle.

Ford It also includes in the new Bronco the commitment to very careful electronics to support technical deployment, equipping the off-road vehicle with a driving mode control, known as GOAT, with up to 7 different profiles and 4 of them being specific for use off asphalt. In addition, assistants for off-road driving are added, both to face uphill or downhill slopes, as well as to manage progress in a semi-autonomous way.


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