This video gives us a better look at the reduced ‘notch’

Although still far from the presentation of the iPhone 13 Pro, for months we have been able to know some characteristics that the new generation of the terminal will supposedly integrate. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the notch, that controversial island that accompanies Apple’s smartphone since 2018, will reduce its dimensions considerably. The foregoing, of course, implies rearrange the components that houses this region, including the speaker.

Today, Unbox Therapy, one of the most popular YouTube tech channels in the world, shared a video featuring a better look at the notch of the new device (via 9to5Mac). Specifically that of iPhone 13 Pro Max. It should be noted, however, that Unbox Therapy relied on a “Dummy model”. That is, a fake terminal that only serves as a measurement reference for manufacturers of covers, lenses and other accessories.

Despite the above, the video is a good opportunity to observe the possible arrangement of the front cameras and, above all, that of the speaker. As you can see yourself, this component now sits right on the top edge of the iPhone 13 Pro. In the iPhone that precedes it there is a slight distance of approximately 4 millimeters, which would be completely eliminated in the next generation.

We could say, then, that the speaker will be out of the notch. On the other hand, and at least from what can be seen in the video, it seems that the speaker of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is longer compared to previous generations. If we analyze the posterior region there are also some novelties. The rear camera lenses are substantially larger than current models. This would mainly allow obtaining a greater amount of light to improve the quality of the photographs.

According to information from Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 13 Pro will receive significant improvements in the photographic section. Its focal length would change from 1/2 (iPhone 12) to 1 / 1.7. In addition, megapixels would increase from 1.7 microns to 2 microns. These developments are expected to allow images to be captured with a higher level of detail and less noise. If Apple keeps its announcement calendar from recent years, the iPhone 13 will be released between September and October 2021.