The City of Hialeah reported that until this Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. city ​​residents have a chance to turn in their applications to apply for the financial aid plan for those affected by the crisis that COVID-19 has left.

The City of Hialeah had announced that 1,000 low-income residents could receive $ 1,000 to help pay rent for their homes, while also offering financial assistance for small businesses to pay their rent.

“We have $ 2 million to help approximately 400 small businesses,” said Mayor Carlos Hernández.

Small companies with a maximum of 25 employees, who have been active for more than a year without being chains or franchises and with their updated licenses and taxes, were able to opt for this help. Also low-income people.

There were long lines from home to get those printed forms that were completed on Monday in a matter of a few hours. More than a thousand applications were submitted to the John F Kennedy library and another thousand applicants filled out their form via the internet, but now the next process is coming. Those forms distributed this Monday will be received until 3 p.m. on Tuesday at the Hialeah city headquarters: City Hall.

“The need is incredible, with this we are going to be able to help approximately 1,000 families with a thousand dollars for rent and we are going to be able to help 400 to 500 businesses with up to 5,000 dollars for the rent of those businesses,” said Mayor Hernández.

Help for Miami residents

But not only Hialeah offers help to its residents to pay the rent also the city of Miami. “It is an aid of $ 1500 dollars for each person and to pay the expenses associated with monthly costs such as electricity, telephone, among others,” explained Mayor Francis Suárez.

received 10,000 requests for help this Monday, as part of a program that
would offer 1,500 dollars to pay the rent to residents and 10,000
dollars for small businesses of up to 5 employees, who have not received
federal aid.

And in an hour the funds granted were exhausted due to the number of applications received, as confirmed by the city of Miami in a tweet, which closed the delivery and receipt of more forms on the same Monday.

For more information about aid plans, visit or call 305-416-2080, after this Monday, May 4, starting at 9 am.

Links of interest to participate in the aid plans:

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