Colombian singer Manuel Medrano said that releasing the song “Cielo” together with New York producer Nile Rodgers is a dream come true and he hopes that everyone will be part of this dream when listening to his song.

«To dream for me is to set a goal for yourself, it is to work to achieve it, but what turns that goal into a dream is that it has an important impact on you, on your life, but also on the lives of others, for me that is a dream ”, says the interpreter of“ Under water ”to LA PRENSA.

And it is that Medrano has always been a fan of funk for years, for that reason he thought of Rodgers to produce his new single. They started working via email and completely remotely «This song is a dream because it is with one of my favorite artists, because it connects two cultures, both yours and mine, it connects different musical genres that have been transforming over time and the main idea of ​​making music is to fill people’s hearts with joy, “he said.

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The invitation for Rodgers, founder of the soul funk band Chic and producer “Let´s Dance” by David Bowie, “Like a Virgin” by Madonna and more recently “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, emerged «as an idea on the air» , said the Colombian, but Rodgers liked the song so much that he not only agreed to produce it, but also participated with a guitar riff.

Medrano hopes that everyone will be part of his dream by listening to the song on his cell phone, radio, television, at home, or with friends.

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The theme, which has a video in an animated version that was directed by Dedouze Blender animators (Dedouze & Roberto Gomes) of the French video company “Temple Caché”, is part of their new album dedicated to love and own emotions, same as He has been working since before the coronavirus pandemic and in which he assures will include other important collaborations.

I don’t know
“I have always made music for fun, I don’t know what commercial music is and what is not, but I continue to do it from the beginning for fun, experimenting with sounds, making music that I like and in a creative process of finding music that On the contrary, it is not part of the music scene, it is like a need, I create songs based on that need that I have to listen to something that I have never heard before ”, he concluded in a conference with international media.