This technological prodigy is the one that allows data to be transferred at 10 Gbps

We have them a bit forgotten, but cables continue to dominate our lives and the truth is that technological advances also affect them. If not, tell this USB-C cable that supports 10Gbps transfers.

An user has shared the section of that cable, and in the images you can see how when studying its interior it is possible to see that it is made up of several groups of “micro coaxial” cables and other cables that allow providing the rest of the functions of these accessories that are more surprising than it could be. seem.

Lots of technology in one cable

Although similar sections had already been published, the Twitter account called “Evil Mad Scientist” now does it in even more detail and that allows us to see how the inside of the USB-C cable is really striking, and it has, for example, eight “micro coaxial” cables that take care of the high-speed signals that allow you to achieve those transfer rates.

In addition, there are red and black insulated cables for the transmission of electricity, while that part in which we see the pair with the white and green cables and several wires inside is a USB cable within the USB cable. Specific, a USB 2.0 cable to provide backward compatibility to that USB-C cable with that standard.

The section is even more striking if one takes the tip of a BIC pen as a reference like the one in the picture. It is really surprising how cables that cost a few euros have so much technology inside, of course. It is not a typical example of #cableporn, but in a sense those images could also fall within that unique world.

Via | Twitter

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