There are not many electric tandems on the market, but this is by far the most original and fun.

The concept we have of a tandem is that of a conventional bicycle with repeated pedals and seats. The Hase Bikes Pino 2021 tandem completely breaks with this design to offer us a very original electric bicycle for two.

No matter where you look at it, you won’t find symmetry on the Hase Bikes Pino 2021. It’s impossible when one rider is pedaling standing up, and the other is sitting. The wheels have different sizes, the handlebars are completely different, the axles each go in one direction …

But not to be confused: the design of this tandem is millimetrically thought out, giving priority to ergonomics, stability and safety of cyclists … and fun. If you watch the video you will understand immediately:

Hase Bikes Pino 2021 It has a periscope design. The center tube can be shrunk or stretched, allowing the front pedals to zoom in or out of the person sitting down, depending on whether it is a child or an adult.

This electric tandem It can also become a bike for one person, completely folding the entire front part. Or a huge basket can be installed on the second rider’s seat to carry a weight, and above all, a considerable volume.

To help cyclists ride a 250 watt Shimano Steps E6100 electric motor with a 504 Wh battery. There are also non-electrified versions.

Do you want an electric bicycle but you can’t afford it? This kit is the solution to your problems: it attaches to your bike to make it electric.

The German company has not provided data on the speed provided by the motor, or the autonomy of the batteries. We do know their prices, which are not cheap. The base model without accessories costs 8,560 euros. For whoever can afford it, it sure is a lot of fun to ride with this tandem in duo. And it also serves as a taxi or transport vehicle for parcels or goods.

If you are interested, you have more information on their website.