The driver, who smelled of alcohol, was evacuated to the hospital

This Easter happened in Poland

A Suzuki Swift starred this Sunday in a famous accident in the town of Rabien, in Poland. The driver, a 41-year-old man with an alcohol odor, was traveling at high speed when he did not notice that he was coming to a roundabout. The car took off and hit buildings in an adjacent cemetery, although the man was able to be rescued and transferred to a hospital.

The coronavirus has also emptied the roads of Poland, which is why a man circulated this Easter at full speed in the accesses of Rabien, a small municipality located about 150 kilometers west of Warsaw. Police have turned to social networks for witnesses to clarify what happened, although a video from surveillance cameras is quite revealing.

The Swift was traveling on a secondary road and approaching a roundabout without slowing down. He gave a small knock of the steering wheel when he was already at the doors, but it was insufficient to change his trajectory and save the central obstacle, which projected him into the air to the delight of the camera recording the scene.

From here, the car leaves the plane. The local press explains that he hit the buildings of a neighboring church and landed in his cemetery. Firefighters rushed to the scene to cut the car and rescue the driver, who was rushed to the hospital.

Due to the smell that they noticed when they extracted it from the vehicle, the authorities suspect that the man had consumed alcohol.

The confinement derived from the coronavirus has made some drivers take advantage of the fact that there is less traffic to take the law into their own hands.

Perhaps the most exceptional episode is the one that took place in early April in the United States, where a modified Audi A8 broke the Cannonball record, an illegal race between New York and Los Angeles.

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