This Sunday, a subject accused of femicide will be formalized in Viña del Mar Noticias Chile

This Sunday will be formalized a 31-year-old subject accused of committing the crime of femicide in the Achupallas sector of Viña del Mar, in the Valparaíso region.

According to the slogan Radio Cooperativa, The victim was identified as 19-year-old Kimberly, who was found dead Saturday after being shot several times in the upper part of her body.

Deputy Commissioner Víctor Yáñez of the PDI Homicide Brigade explained that « When the criminal doctor examined her, it was observed that she had ballistic wounds at the level of her upper extremities and in her thoracic region, which caused her death on the spot. »

Yáñez indicated that the analysis of the place and the registration of witnesses allowed « to establish reliably that the perpetrator of the act corresponds to the victim’s partner. »

Prosecutor María Alejandra Aravena explained that « By virtue of these antecedents, an arrest warrant was requested from the Guarantee Court, as well as authorization for other intrusive proceedings, to seek evidence in relation to this femicide, and this was successful », after the arrest of the subject.

The man remains in custody and will be formalized this Sunday for the crime of femicide in the Guarantee Court of Viña del Mar.