This Spider-Man Miles Morales video is the best tribute to “that scene” from Un Nuevo Universo

A shot-by-shot recreation of the iconic scene, crafted from Insomniac’s play.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man Miles Morales is out now on both PS4 and PlayStation 5. Insomniac Games’ new adventure focuses on the character of Miles Morales, the Harlem Spider-Man who is the protagonist of greatest hits like the movie Spider-Man: A New Universe (‘Into the Spider-Verse’). And indeed, the game pays true homage to this movie by way of a stunning alternate costume.

One that not only saw us as the Miles Morales from the movie, but syncs the animation frames at the speed that Miles has in that play. And this gives rise to creations so curradas, so spectacular, like the one published by this Twitter user. Next we are going to talk about certain important scene from the movie Into the Spider-Verse, so some of you can take the video below as a SPOILER. If you haven’t seen this play yet, turn around and start watching it immediately.

Image of Spider-Man Miles Morales

Once warned, anyone who has seen the film will have already imagined what specific scene we are talking about. We refer to that sequence from the final part of the film, when Miles dons the suit and gives a leap of faith, when he takes the step to become a superhero. A sequence that has been recreated in detail in Spider-Man Miles Morales by @ Much118x, and with the help of the alternative costume from the film, all to the beat of the theme ‘What’s Up Danger‘from Blackway and Black Caviar.

And the result, as you see, it is simply spectacular. Saving the difference in artistic style between the world of Insomniac and the movie sets, the way the user achieves take advantage of tools available to recreate their plans is most worthwhile, and demonstrates the possibilities that the game offers. If you are waiting for the premiere of the new generation to swing through New York, we leave you here with the analysis of Spider-Man Miles Morales, as well as with the analysis of PlayStation 5.

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