This Secret Trick To Effortlessly Clean Stubborn Dirt Is So Simple It Will Surprise You | Life

When you try this trick, you will be amazed at how easy it is to effortlessly clean stubborn dirt. There will be no burnt pot, cookie sheet, barbecue grill or any other item that will resist you.

Some housework can become a real ordeal. Cleaning stubborn dirt is a good example, and if you don’t know a few tricks it can sometimes be a mission impossible.

And is that there are traces of dirt that, no matter how many products you apply and how much you rub, do not come out. This is what happens, for example, with burnt pots, trays or oven dishes with food scraps stuck to it, the barbecue grill or the oven door, among other elements of the kitchen.

In these cases, even if you arm yourself with the toughest scourer and the strongest cleaning product, it is difficult to achieve the desired results.

If no matter how much you rub you are not able to remove the dirt from a burned pot, with this viral trick you will achieve it in a few minutes and without any effort.

But there is a secret trick to effortlessly cleaning stubborn dirt, and it’s so simple, you’ll be amazed when you put it into practice.. All you need is a dishwasher tablet and a little patience scrubbing.

The tablets for the dishwasher contain concentrated detergent, so they have a great degreasing power. In addition, since they are composed of compacted dust, when rubbed against the surfaces, they gradually scrape the adhered dirt, but without scratching the material.

Cleaning experts say that this method offers excellent results for cleaning different items, so it is worth a try. We have tested it to remove dirt from a burnt glass baking dish and a pot with food scraps stuck to it. and we can see that the trick works very well. Obviously, it is not a miracle solution and requires patience, but it removes dirt better than other methods.

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What you have to do is submerge the dishwasher tablet in warm water, so that it absorbs a little water but not too much. Later, rub the tablet directly against the surface you want to clean. To make it more comfortable for you and you can rub more vigorously, you can surround it with a cloth or hold it with a scourer, otherwise you can hurt your hand.

It is an effective method that offers very good results, although as we said you cannot expect a miracle either. If the item you want to clean is in very bad condition, it will improve it, but it will not be like the first day either.

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