With the aim of offering a new form of entertainment that complies with all sanitary measures, Carrasco Airport, Life Cinemas and Magnolio Media Group launched AeroLife, a drive-in initiative and show site to be located in the parking lot of the main terminal country area.

Inspired by classic drive-in theaters, the proposal will allow Uruguayans to enjoy movie functions and shows from their own vehicles, in a safe space and prepared to comply with all prevention measures aimed at preventing the expansion of the coronavirus (COVID-19) .

The space will have capacity for 90 vehicles and have a 20×11 meter mega-screen to watch movies in cinema quality. In addition, a stage will be installed where special shows and musical events will be organized.

Starting Saturday, May 23, AeroLife will offer daily movie shows, two on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays and three on Saturdays. From Monday to Wednesday, meanwhile, the space is reserved for private sessions for companies. Tickets will be for sale on the website www.AeroLife.com.uy, where you will be informed about the daily billboard.

The programming that will be offered will be varied, with feature films for all ages. It is planned to exceed 80 functions and have more than 20,000 spectators during the two months in which the proposal will function, which is also sponsored by Scotiabank.

The cost per vehicle will be $ 590 and attendees will be invited to bring a non-perishable food that will be donated to the United to Help charity initiative, which makes food baskets, hygiene products and children’s items to deliver to those who need it most.

Food and beverages can be purchased through the website and also on site, which will be delivered directly to the vehicles to comply with security measures and offer a unique experience to those who come to enjoy a show.

The space and functions will be designed to respect and follow the sanitary protocol established by the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health, ensuring physical distance and personal hygiene. In this way, the entrance to the drive-in theater will be fully automated and before each movie or show, the rules of action will be informed to preserve the health of all.

With this new entertainment proposal, AeroLife seeks to provide a new activity for Uruguayans, so that they can take care of themselves while enjoying a special moment and a unique experience.

Source and photo: Quatromanos